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Try looking at the other headlight plug

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The rails that push and pull the glass on your sunroof is broke you think passenger and driver side is broke?


Why is your 1990 Toyota 4 runner is not shifting into overdrive?

its broke

How do you fix the headlight adjustment if it is broke on the car?

You must replace the adjuster with a new one.That means the headlight assembly must first be removed the adjuster replaced and headlight beam adjusted so it si even with the side that is not broken.

Why don't my fuel gauge work on my 90 Toyota 4Runner?

its broke

How do you remove the power mirror control switch on a 1996 Toyota Camry?

How much does it cost to replace a passenger side mirror on a 1996 Camary. The whole Mirror broke off. Answer I don't know how to fix one. I wish I did, I think I am going to have to buy one.

Can passenger planes with 2 engines fly with 1 engine broke?

It depends on where the engines are if its on the wings then no

What broke when my 1987 Toyota Camry had no oil in it?

There is no way to know without tearing the engine apart.

What would cause a 1990 Toyota Camry's odometer to stop working?

If the speedometer doesn't work either, then the cable broke or came loose. Otherwise, the gears in the odometer broke.

If the power steering belt broke on your 93 Toyota pickup and broke the rest of the belts where can you find a diagram on how to put them back on?

You may be able to one through Dayco or gates at their site.

Your heating switch brokehow to on the heater of Toyota Previa 92?

If your heating switch broke on the heater of a Toyota Previa 92, it will need changed. You can find a replacement at auto part stores.

How to make a Toyota corolla body skirt stay if the clips are broke?

I had to use duck tape till I could order all new clips from a Toyota dealer. They were EXPENSIVE too.

Is a Toyota celica motor interfirance type?

Toyota celica 2003 broke a timing belt , the motor for this car will make damage some internal part like bending the valves or not?

How do you get to spark plugs that broke when trying to replace them in a 1989 Toyota Camry?

May have to remove the head for access or to drill them out

Speedometer stopped working on 1993 Toyota corolla?

sounds like the cable broke usually on the transmission end

How do you change the timing on a Toyota Corolla after the timing belt broke?

When you have the belt put back on correctly it will be back in time.

What causes 1996 neon to stall when turning right?

ground wire passenger side thin copper wie it is broke

Where can you get the white plastic clip for the headlight assembly mine broke you have a 2005 aztek?

Same problem, I got mine at a Chevy dealership. I think it was around $10 for it.

94 Toyota Camry stopped while drivingtry to turn right it went to left?

Something serious broke in the steering.

You broke a screw that a lug nut is screwed on to its a01 Toyota Echo where do you get a new screw?

"Stud" is what a lug nut screws on to. See a Toyota or a salvage yard. Might have luck at an auto parts store.

Is it normal for a coil spring to break off of a 2007 Toyota Sienna?

Mine just broke it fixed today.

My reverse went out in my 1990 Toyota SR5 how do i fix it?

Find a trans shop, or a Toyota tech. Or you could get a manual and follow the diag for no reverse. You probably will need to take the trans out, take it apart and find out what broke.

What is a sentence using the word jittery?

The jittery train passenger suddenly broke into a dance routine that looked like it was right out of a 1940s movie.

How do i fix the front door on my Toyota Sienna?

In my 2004 Sienna there was a weld in the door assembly that broke and caused a loud clunking noise when I opened the door. Toyota recently issued a recall for this problem and will fix it free of charge

1998 Toyota Camry 4 cylinder crankshaft pully it broke in two why do i need a new one?

Yes, you need a new pulley.

Inside passenger door handele broke 07suzuki forenza need to replace it?

There is a factory recall on some forenza door handles. Contact your dealer.