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I have owned 3 Ford Rangers (1983, 86', 88') and all of them had the 4 cylinder engine. My last one had over 300,000 miles on it and it still runs like new. My latest truck is a 1988 with a 2.0 liter, it has a slightly rough idle due to the smog/emission system, but it has no lack of pulling power. Don't expect to win any races with a stock 4 cylinder Ranger, they weren't built for speed. If your building a little performance truck, you can pirate the engine out a a Thunderbird super coupe or an SVO 2.3 mustang. This engine came with a tiny (exhaust) compression powered turbo that creates a decent amount of boost. To do this swap you'll need to find a place that can make you a "painless wiring harness" then swap everything over. If you intend to pull anything heavy I recommend finding a bigger truck, but have no doubt. The 4 cylinder Ranger is a great truck.

Pathetic. This engine has way too little power for a pickup unless you are never going to haul or pull anything. Get at least a 3.0 V6 and stay away from the Ford 4 cylinders in a pickup.

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Q: The performance of 1987 2.0 Ford Ranger?
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How much oil is needed for a 1987 Ford Ranger 4-cylinder 2.3L for an oil change?

2.3lL ford Ranger takes 5 Qts. If it has over 150K miles recommend 4 Qts 20-50 and 1 Qt Slick 50. You'll notice the performance increase.

What weight oil in a 2.3 liter Ford Ranger?

my 2009 ford ranger 2.3 owners guide say use 5w-20

What is the normal oil pressure on a 1987 2.9 liter Ford Ranger?

According to www. the ranger station . com ( no spaces ) the oil pressure on a 2.9 L is 20 PSI @ warm idle and 55 PSI @ 2000 RPM

What is the maximum turbo boost pressure for ford ranger 2.5l turbodiesel?


How much does a brake calliper cost for a 1986 Ford Ranger?

A brake calliper for a 1986 Ford Ranger would be likely to cost between $20 and $40, depending on where you source it.

What oil do i use for Ford Ranger 4x4 2.5L year 2002?

The 2.3 liter 4 cylinder in a 2002 Ford Ranger takes ( 5W-20 ) according to the Owner Guide

Can't retrieve codes on 2001 Ford Ranger with scanner?

Fuse ( # 17 ) is a 20 amp fuse for the cigarette lighter and Data Link Connector on a 2001 Ford Ranger if there is no power

What is the gas mileage of a 1999 ford ranger?

approx 20 miles depends on cylinders

What oil for 2002 Ford Ranger?

The 2.3 liter and 3.0 liter take ( 5W-20 ) The 4.0 liter takes ( 5W-30 ) According to the 2002 Ford Ranger Owner Guide

What size gas tank is in a 1996 ford ranger xlt?

The SuperCab is 20 U.S. gallons

How much gas fits in a 1994 ford ranger 4 cylinder fuel tank?


Is 5w-20 oil for a 2000 Ford Ranger XLT?

No , according to the 2000 Ford Ranger Owner Guide ( 5W-30 ) is used in all the engines ( 2.5 / 3.0 / 4.0 liter )

What is the correct oil grade for a 2005 Ford Ranger 3.0L?

The 2005 Ford Ranger owners manual shows ( 5 W - 20 ) WITH FILTER CHANGE - 4.5 quarts ( 4.3 liters ) of motor oil

Is 5w-30 oil suitable for a 2006 Ford Ranger 3.0 4x4?

According to the 2006 Ford Ranger Owner Guide ( 5W-20 ) is the preferred oil for the 3.0 liter V6 engine

What is the 1996 ford ranger regular cab fuel tank capacity?

16.5 or 20 U.S. gallons

How Big Is the Gas Tank in a 1996 ford ranger xlt?

The SuperCab version is ( 20 U.S. gallons )

What are the release dates for Biography - 1987 John Ford An American Vision?

Biography - 1987 John Ford An American Vision was released on: USA: 20 April 1993

What engine oil does 2005 Ford Ranger take?

For the 2.3 liter and 3.0 liter engines ( 5W-20 ) For the 4.0 liter SOHC , V6 engine ( 5W-30 ) According to the 2005 Ford Ranger Owner Guide

What kind of oil is used in a 2006 Ford Ranger V6?

According to the 2006 Ford Ranger Owner Guide : The 3.0 liter V6 takes ( 5W-20 ) The 4.0 liter V6 engine takes ( 5W-30 )

What type oil for Ford Ranger 2007?

2.3 L 4 cylinder and 3.0 L V6 engines - SAE 5W-20 4.0 L SOHC V6 engine - SAE 5W-30 on the 2007 Ford Ranger ( must meet Ford Specs )

What is the fuel tank capacity for a 2002 Ford Ranger?

The 2002 Ford Ranger light pick up has two different fuel tank options depending on the model. The smaller tank has a capacity of 16.5-gallons and the larger option is 20.

What type of oil does a 2009 Ford Ranger take?

The 2.3 liter DOHC 4 cylinder takes ( 5W-20 ) The 4.0 liter SOHC - V6 takes ( 5W-30 ) according to the 2009 Ford Ranger Owner Guide

What grade oil needed for a Ford Ranger 3ltr 6cyl?

5-20 wt. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For the 3.0 litre V6 engine in a Ford Ranger : ( 5W-20 ) for 2001 to 2008 model years ( 5W-30 ) for 1996 to 2000 model years According to the various model year Owner Guides

Which fuse number is for the radio in ford ranger 2002?

# 29 - 20 amp - for radio # 20 - 7.5 amp - for radio and GEM ( Generic Electronic Module )

What is the Oil weight recommended for 2001 Ford Ranger?

According to the 2001 Ford Ranger owners manual : The 2.3 L and 3.0 L take SAE 5 W 20 The 4.0 L takes SAE 5 W 30