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The person a case is held against is the "Defendant". The person holding the case against them is known as the "Plaintiff".

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Q: The person the case is against is called the?
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When a case is disposed can a person bring up that case against the court?


The person who persuades and influences others is called?

The person may be called a persuader, influencer or at best a counsellor as the case or situation may be. The person may render his service free or against service charges mutually settled.

In a Civil Case the party who brings a case against a Defendant is called?

The Plaintiff

Name of person making a case against a defendant?

A Prosecutor

In a civil case who is the plaintiff?

the person who files against you. the complainant

Who is the person representing the state in a case against a defendant?


In a civil case what is the person bringing the case called?


What was a person called if he was against slavery?


Who initiates a civil case?

the plaintiff, that is the person filing the complaint against you.

What is it called when you testify against yourself in a case?


What is a criminal justice lawyer called?

If you refering to what is the term for a person who is trying the state's case against the defendant, they are called the Prosecutor.Added: His opposite number in the courtroom, would be the Defense Attorney.

What are the people on both sides in a court case are called?

At the trial court level, the parties are called "plaintiff" for the person making the claim, and "defendant" for the person defending against it. In a criminal case, the person making the claim is the "prosecutor" or the district attorney in some situations, and the accused is called the "defendant." At the appeals level after the trial, the sides are called "appellant", for the person making the appeal from the trial court decision, and "respondent" for the person responding to the appeal.

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