The population of a town was 54000 at the last census It has increased by 2 3 since then What is its present population?

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What was the population of the US in the last census?

The population of the US in the 2010 Census was 308,745,538. This represents a figure averaged to April 1, 2010 -- this total and individual state figures were used to calcul

Arizona population since the last census?

2006 resident population est.: 6,500,180\n. \n2000 resident census population (rank): 5,130,632 (20). Male: 2,561,057 (49.9%); Female: 2,569,575 (50.1%). White: 3,873,611 (75

When was the last census of human population held?

Individual countries make their own censuses in periods of 5 or 10 years, others at more infrequent intervals, but no census of the entire human population has ever been made.