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To simply end the war for World War 1, for World War 2 it was end the war and take down the Nazis


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As the name "World War" suggests, it involved most of the world. Major areas of combat included Europe, Africa, Asia, with some combat in North and South America.

what was the purpose of the ATS

Although some islands were used as airstrips, the primary naval air combat was "carrier war."

intimidating, inspiring, in combat, incredious...

the average length of active duty combat was 33months

40000 died in combat and 15000 in non combat activities

Americans first faced combat in World War II in Europe. American pilots were involved in the Battle of Britain in early 1941.

1918, shortly before the end of World War 1, but the bazooka was not used in combat until World War 2.

Women entered World War II in non-combat roles. They were clerks, nurses, mechanics, and secretaries.

No - Australians have only had women in combat for the last 5 to 10 years.

Audie Leon Murphy was an American combat soldier in World War 2 and was decorated with the Medal of Honor. In addition to that, he received several other decorations for his heroism in combat from France and Belgium.

During WWII the draft was for the duration of the war or until you were unfit for combat .

Except in the Soviet Union women were not used in combat.

30,000 on ground and in air combat

the combats were dog fights and ground wars

World War 2 had a high moral purpose. The Nazis had continued to work toward domination at the cost of Jews and other innocent people. The War ended their reign.

They fought in nearly every major British action in World War II. That includes Europe and Pacific

To both gain support of the war, and to demonize the enemy.

They didnt go to war. Only Russia had female combat troops and pilots.

They flew airplanes, became snipers, and served in combat.

Sargeants supervise privates. In WW II, this involved a lot of combat.

not all the time they only wore helmets in combat but they were hardly ever in combat so yes they did

No, he did not. Although Jackie Robinson never saw combat in World War 2, he did serve as a second lieutenant in the US Army from 1942-1944.

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