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The purpose of the tongue is to taste your food \

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What is the purpose of tongue twister?

The purpose of a tongue-twister is to simply have fun by making your own with your friends, but there may be some tongue-twisters with factual information in it.

What is the purpose of a tongue piercing?

There is no purpose for a tongue piercing (or any other piercing) aside from aesthetics. People think they look good, so they get them.

Which fluid in thehuman body wets the internal organs?


How schistosome worms enter to thehuman body?

The war has endede

What is the purpose of a frog's sticky tongue?

by being mean sing in jumping == ==

Who was responsible for the elevation of thehuman resources management in Nigeria?

what was responsible for the elevation of human resource in nigeria

What purpose does tongue piercing serve?

tongue piercings are i guess just to look cool. especially if you like piercings and jewelry VANESSA RODRIGUEZ

What is the purpose of a sticky tongue in a frog?

It helps keep the insect in the mouth of the frog

What is the purpose of the giraffe's tongue?

to help reach and grab the leaves in the high trees

What is the purpose of a tongue ring?

Well being a lesbian female, my girlfriend tells me, it's great for our intimacy, other than that, it has no purpose.

What is the purpose of the tongue in a digestive system?

it moves food around in your mouth and you can taste things with it

Where was the cave bear in the animal kingdom?

it is located with thehuman race idk if his is true but i just wanted to write somehing

What is the purpose of the camel's tongue?

The camel's tongue is primarily used for absorbing water molecules from vegetation. It is also used to break down food, and swat sand flies from its face.

What is the moral of the story how the tongue survived the teeth?

The moral of the story of Tongue and Teeth is that the purpose of a relationship is to support each other. The story also teaches that it is wise to avoid conflict in relationships.

What is a tongue pierce for?

It has no true purpose. Some people consider it beautiful and some just want one.

What is the purpose of the tongue for the body?

speech, eating, swallowing, to stick out when you're mad, to lick your teeth when they're dirty

What would you do if your father stuck his tongue in your mouth mouth?

if it was on purpose then i would sware him out and threaten to leave or just leave

How should i purpose my lover for tongue kiss it's my first time?

if she/he is your lover already dont porpuse the kiss just do it!

Since frog contain no teeth what purpose would a sticky tongue have in a living specimen?

Frogs use their ridged jawbones to crush prey, though some species actually do have teeth. The tongue serves to bring prey into the mouth.

What do you if you get a puss pocket in your tongue after a tongue a piercing?

what do you if you get a puss pocket in your tongue after a tongue a piercing"

How do you clean your tongue?

Brushing with a toothbrush works well, and you can occasionally buy a purpose-built metallic tongue cleaner.You can also use the sides of a spoon.You can use your teeth, brush it with your toothbrush ( you can find tongue cleaners on the back of some tooth brushes), or you can eat allot of fruit (The acid cleans it for you! or even breath freshener

What is the function of giraffes long tongue?

The purpose is so that the giraffes can reach leaves at the top of the tree. And to clean their ears.. Green, R.H (2013)

What is the function of a squids radula?

The purpose of the radula of a squid or a snail is similar to that of a tooth. It is part of the equivalent of the tongue, and abrades hard bits from their prey.

What is the purpose of the mucous in the structure?

Without mucus you would swallow your tongue and it also keep your mouth wet oops sorry that's Saliva

What are the woodpeckers purpose?

when they are pecking on a tree they are making holes looking for bugs. when they find one they stick their tongue (which is REALLY long) into the hole to get the bug out.