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You more than likely have a blown fuse. Check the fuse for the radio.

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Q: The radio in your Acura Legend 1991 won't turn on how do you get it to turn on?
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When was Turn That Radio On created?

Turn That Radio On was created in 1991.

Code for 1995 Acura Legend radio?

with car on Press 1 and 6 at the same time, turn the radio on, then enter the 8 digit Serial Number exactly as it apears on the display.

How do you unlock Acura radio?

Turn the radio on and press the CD button and enter the code you were given on a card at the time of purchase. The radio will automatically turn on.

Where are the flashing signals located on the 1991 Acura Legend?

The emergency flashers are located on the dash above the A/C controls. It appears as a bright red rectangle. Just push to turn on push to turn off.

Where is the turn signal relay on a 1991 Acura Legend located?

On 1991 Legend models, the turn signal/hazard flasher is located under the steering wheel, in the interior fuse box (Furthest top right area with a cover over it) It's got five (yellow) twenty amp fuses on two sides.

1990 Acura Legend it will turn but not start?

its probably the main relay that needs to be replaced

How do you enter a stereo code on a 1992 Acura Legend?

If I remember, turn the stereo on, enter the code using the 6 preset buttons. After the beep, turn the stereo off. Then turn the stereo on and it should be OK. I just pulled my radio to get into the dash.

How do I Turn off alarm in 1993 Acura Legend?

Turn off alarm with ignition key in the driver's door.

What are the release dates for The Legend of Prince Valiant - 1991 The Turn of the Wheel 1-16?

The Legend of Prince Valiant - 1991 The Turn of the Wheel 1-16 was released on: USA: 1 March 1992

What is the reset code for 1993 Acura Legend radio?

Go to any Acura dealer, bring your radio with you, and your vehicle registration. You don't have to bring the radio just the serial number of the radio, You should not have to pay for them to get a radio code for any Acura or Honda vehicle. the advisor just logs into Honda site and types the serial number in and it gives them the number NO CHARGE. If they try to charge advise you will call Acura Or Honda and they will back off. I know this to be true I was an Acura Service Advisor until I left for better hours. On some Acura's And Honda's you don't have to take the radio out to get the serial number off it. First step is you turn radio off. 2nd step press 1 & 6 & power button at same time and then let go. it should flash numbers. write these down it and give to serviice advisor he can get radio code using these numbers.

You have 1991 Acura Integra turn signals but no hazards?

Bad switch? Bad hazard flasher?

Where is 1995 Acura Legend turn signal flasher?

Good day: I have pulled the front shroud off of my 95 acura legend again. Now I have no turn signals (front or rear). I cannot seem to locate the flasher with on line pictures. CAN YOU HELP ME WITH IDEAS OF BETTER PICTURE OF FLASHER LOCATION?

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