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It might be caused by weak or worn out gas struts on either side of the window. You could probably get them at any auto parts store.

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Q: The rear hatch window does not always go up on a 98 1500?
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1997 expedition can not open rear hatch or window how to open.?

how to open the rear window on a 1997 chevy blazer.

How do you glue rear window latch on ford escape?

glue hatch window latch

Will the rear window for a 1990 Chevy 1500 fit in a 1998 Chevy 1500?


What is the rear window called on the ford explorer?

my dad calls it a "hatch"

How do you remove the window in the rear hatch of a 1989 ford bronco?

To remove the window in the rear hatch of a 1989 Ford Bronco, the weather stripping around the window will have to be pulled back or pushed down slightly. This can be accomplished with a straight screwdriver or a putty knife.

What would keep the rear hatch from opening?

Broken cable from the rocker handle to the rear window. Happened to my 98 EB

What is the purpose for the wing on 1991 Chevy s10 blazer?

The "wing" that is over the rear hatch is to help keep the rear window clean.

Why is the rear window washer of a dodge caravan not operating?

It is possible because it is out of fluid. A differant reservoir is used for the rear window washer. The reservoir is located just above the drivers side rear tailight when you have the hatch open.

Where is rear window washer bottle on 2002 sr2 ford lazer 5 door hatch?

in the door

How do you repair the rear hatch opening mechanism when the hatch will not open?

I have a 96 Chevy Blazer S-10 and the latch to open the window in the back hatch will not work. How do I replace the motor?? or whatever to repair?

1999 Chevy astro where is rear door switch for dome light?

It is on the lift support shocks on the rear window hatch. Each side has one.

What is the definition of Civic Hatch?

A Civic is the model of the car and hatch is the type of car. A hatchback is just that the rear window and door open as one unit or as separate units.

How do you open the mercury sable station wagon lift gate window?

Press the button on the rear hatch that has the key hole in it. This will release the window catch and it should open when you try and lift the window.

Is there a manual release for the rear window hatch on a 1995 S10 Blazer?

see related link i have a 94 s10 blazer and if you use your key with the back hatch handle you can open it

What does the dash symbol that looks like a light and says rear mean I Have a 86 Nissan 300zx with a digital panel?

it probably means that your back (rear) hatch is open. rear window defogger

Where would you find a lock actuator for the rear hatch?

You can get them at the dealer. The entire window and door mechanisim is all one piece.

How do you manually unlock the rear hatch window of a 2004 Jeep Liberty?

You open the back hatch door and pull the panel away from the latch and push down on the lever to the lock the lock will then pop open and you can shut the hatch

90 Pontiac firebird rear hatch?

The rear hatch can be replaced by another hatch from an 82 to 92 firebird or camaro.

How do you replace Honda CR-V rear window struts?

Open and prop up the rear hatch glass to ensure it won't drop down during the procedure. Detach the support struts at the rear hatch glass. Then detach the support struts where they attach to the body. Install the new struts in the reverse order, MAKING CERTAIN NOT TO OVER-TIGHTEN the strut where it attaches to the window glass.

What is a rear screen relay?

You need to include more details. Normally it would be an electromechanical relay that controls the power and the direction of a vehicle rear door power window motor. The motor that raises and lowers the rear window in a vehicle that has a tail-gate, hatch or rear door window, like a Jeep Cherokee, or what we used to call a "station wagon." It could also be the electromechanical relay that controls the power to a vehicle rear window defogger/ defroster grid.

Where is the rear blower motor located on a 2000 Chevy Tahoe?

Looking in the rear hatch of the Tahoe- it is behind the passenger side trim panel in the hatch area. You have to remove a couple of trim pieces around the tailgate, and the passenger-side rear window from the interior. Then you will see the blower motor and all of the other goodies.

Does a dodge ram 1500 van with rear heat have 2 heater cores?

Yes a dodge ram van 1500 has two heater cores. The heater core for the rear heat is located on the drivers side between the drivers seat and the first seat in the back. under the window. You will have to remove the side paneling under the window to get to it.

Where is the washer bottle inlet for the rear window for the 1998 Ford Explorer?

If it is like a 95 or 96, you raise the rear hatch and right above the drivers side taillight assembly, there is a filler flap.

The rear hatch does not lock on 2002 rendezvous?

May be a BCM glitch or the rear trunk latch there is a recall from gm about the rear hatch latch

What could cause water to leak inside the trunk of a 1991 Chevy Camaro?

Rear hatch leaking on 3rd gen Camaro,Z28-IRoc-z/Trans Am/Firebird-GTA The seal between the window and the hatch is worn. Any glass shop will reseal do yourself buy a glass sealer or tar. remove inner hatch cover, there are I believe 4 bolts holding the window to the hatch. remove them. Have a large 4by4 holding up the hatch. Remove the hatch struts. Clean off old sealer under window an hatch. Reseal the hatch/window. Put the struts back and retighten all the bolts snug not too tight. I have had the same problem. This will fix ur water leak problem..