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Q: The recent history of mass communication contains example of corporate operational and device convergence?
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What line of SITREP report contains operational combat vechicles?

The line of a SITREP report that contains a list of operational combat vehicles is line four. Line four is where to provide encoded information on the operational status of combat vehicles.

Which sitrep line contains operational combat vehicles?


A human sperm contains chromosome?

A fully operational human sperm contains 23 chromosomes.

The RSDL operational pouch contains a?

green wallet like pouch that contains with three green colored individual decon packets

Which observation supports the position of eukaryotes at the convergence of the ring of life?

The nuclear genome of eukaryotes contains genes from archaeans and from bacteria.

What is time-phased force and deployment data or tpfdd?

TPFDD is the database portion of the operational plan; it contains time-phased force data, non-unit related cargo and personnel data, and movement data for the operational plan.

What is the function of axon terminals in neurons?

It contains synapses where neurotransmitters are released (for communication with other neurons).

What is the time in service requirement for promotion to Sergeant first class?

in the unit level logistics system, the operational processes menu contains which of the following functions

What qualites make written communication effective?

Written communication is effective when if contains certain qualities. The letter should have clear, concise language, factual, and ends with an action statement.

What is 'cyber crime' explain?

Cybercrime contains all criminal offenses which are committed with the aid of communication devices in a network.

How do diaries and logs differ in terms of the writer's intention?

A log often contains operational information about a ship, business, etc. A Journal or diary would contain more personal stories. It may also contain operational information but focuses on personal information about events and not just data

What is function of ic lm324 in any circuit?

An LM324 IC contains operational amplifiers. LM324 ICs can be used for different purposes in circuits, such as oscillators, rectifiers or oscillators as well.

What is the cells communication network?

Chromatin, thin strands of material that fill the nucleus, contains information for directing a cell's functions.

True or false nervous system is the means of communication of the body and contains the brain the spinal cord and specialized neurons?


Why sonometer box contains holes?

The holes in a sonometer will make sure the inside air in communication with outer air therefore we can hear the sound.

Difference between applied electronics and instrumentation and electronics and communication?

Electronics & communication engg (ECE) is a department which contains basic & advanced electronics subjects and also communication subjects (like tv, radio,phone,computer,etc ) Electronics & Instrumentation Engg (EIE) is also a another engineering department which contains the same subjects of basic & advanced electronics and also electronic instruments basic & advanced (like CRO,transducers,all kinds of meters , gauges ,etc)

In IP networks data communication is organized into what histograms polygrams metagrams or datagrams?

The correct answer is Datagrams. A datagram contains the addressing and error correction ifnroamtion necessary to route the information to the proper destination. In Internet Protocol (IP) networks, data communication is organized into datagrams.

How many wires are required for cat5 communication from the router to computers?

A Cat5 cable contains 4 pairs of 2 wires twisted together, making a total of 8 individual wires, however only 2 wire pairs (4 wires) are actually used for communication.

People remember at least more information when a document they are seeing contains visual elements?

People remember at least more information when a document they are seeing contains visual elements because the human mind is visual and most advertising companies have discovered the power of visual communication and use it frequently.

What is the best communication model?

The most common communication model is the Early Shannon and Weaver Model but the most accurate, in my opinion, is the Schram Model in which a source encodes a message, which is sent through a channel and the channel contains some sort of noise or interference whether it be static over the phone or birds chirping outside. The receiver then decodes that message and interprets it in some way. The receiver then sends their feedback, back to the original sender in the channel which contains noise.

Where can one find Bob The Builder Pictures?

The official website of Bob the Builder contains many source images for this character. One might also call the corporate owners of Bob the Builder to request further materials for various purposes.

Why is it important for the technician to research the different motherboard designs existing on the market?

A: A mother board contains many cards and the communication of these card is essential. What he is looking for a fast I/O BUSS and after that for potential slot expansion.

What is nonverbal communication. Why do you suppose that this commercial relies primarily on nonverbal communication between a young man and a gorgeous woman. What types of nonverbal communication?

Nonverbal communication (NVC) is usually understood as the process of communication through sending and receiving wordless messages. i.e., language is not the only source of communication, there are other means also. [ NVC can be communicated through gestures and touch (Haptic communication), by body language or posture, by facial expression and eye contact. NVC can be communicated through object communication such as clothing, hairstyles or even architecture, symbols and infographics. Speech contains nonverbal elements known as paralanguage, including voice quality, emotion and speaking style, as well as prosodic features such as rhythm, intonation and stress. Dance is also regarded as a nonverbal communication. Likewise, written texts have nonverbal elements such as handwriting style, spatial arrangement of words, or the use of emoticons. However, much of the study of nonverbal communication has focused on face-to-face interaction, where it can be classified into three principal areas: environmental conditions where communication takes place, the physical characteristics of the communicators, and behaviors of communicators during interaction.

What contains silcone?

What contains silicon

What contains beryllium?

it contains stuff