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Q: The religion that inspired the gandhara art was?
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The religion that inspired gandhara art was?

The religion that inspired Gandhara art was Buddhism. Gandhara art was heavily influenced by the artistic traditions of Greece, Persia, and India, reflecting the multicultural nature of the region. The art style flourished in the Gandhara region, which is present-day Pakistan and Afghanistan, between the 1st and 5th centuries CE.

What style of Asian art was most influenced by European culture?

gandhara style

Mathura school of art is influenced by?

gandhara school of art

Who is big dealer of gandhara art in japan?

isao kurita

Why is art a religion and religion an art?

Art would be considered religion because people would almost practically 'worship' art because it's that moving towards them, and religion is sometimes the cause of art. Like artists when they are religionally inspired to create art.

Describe two ways that Buddhist art of the gandhara style was influenced by the ancient Greeks?

The ancient Greeks included Buddhist art of the Gandhara style in their sculptures with representations of the spiritual figures, and in their 2D paintings and drawings with symbolic features of the Buddhist culture

What is gandhara?

Gandhara is an early civilization

What inspired Litchenstien's work?

his babaloge inspired his art work especially pop art his babaloge inspired his art work especially pop art

When was Gandhara - song - created?

Gandhara - song - was created on 1978-10-01.

What inspired modigliani?

he was inspired by some African art

Gandhara is the make up of what two present day countries?

Gandhara was the ancient Indian backdrop to the Mahabharata Epics. The present day lands of Gandhara are spread across Pakistan and Afghanistan.

What actors and actresses appeared in Gandhara Golam - 1980?

The cast of Gandhara Golam - 1980 includes: Mohan Babu