The responsibility of a mom

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keep you kids happy but be firm with your answers but not too firm

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Q: The responsibility of a mom
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How do you convince your mom to get a cat?

Be Responsible and say you will take full Responsibility

What was the moral responsibility of Europeans to civilize primitive people?

Your mom obviously lol. how do you NOT know that?

What was the moral responsibility of europeans to civilize primitive peoples?

Your mom obviously lol. how do you NOT know that?

How can you get your mum to buy you a dog?

tell your mom you really want to get a dog and that you will take all responsibility for it

Why won't mom let you have a cat?

Maybe because she thinks you can't handle the responsibility. Ask her.

Is Deb Irv Gotti daughter's mom?

That's Deb's daughter! Irv just took on the responsibility of her!

How do you persuade your mom to get you a baby yorkie?

show her a picture of it and then she will see how cute it is then tell her that you will take responsibility for everything.

How do you get your mom to let you get a guinea pig?

Show her you can accept the responsibility of taking care of it by doing what she asks you to do at home.

Where was Archduke Ferdinand assassinated and who claimed responsibility?

he was assassinated at your mom's house by tom cruise, jk it was by Gavrillo Princip

Your mom says you cant move out when you turn 17 can you or not Missouri?

You can move out with parental permission. That does not relieve your parents of the responsibility for your welfare.

What does it mean if you dream you're a single mother?

You want the responsibility of being a mom without the companionship or responsibilities of having a partner.

Why don't parents let kids have dogs?

dogs are a lot of responsibility and knowing most children, a kid's dog turns into mom's dog. i.e. mom or dad becomes the caregiver of a animal that their child got.

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