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because people were cowards during the war


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During World War 1 women were able to get jobs because of the shortage of men. After the war was over and the men came back home. The women had to stop working and go back to house work. When World War 2 began, again with the shortage of men workers the women stepped in and worked. When the men returned home the women would not give up their jobs.

The shortage that the Confederacy faced during the war was that they were short of soldiers, ammo, and weapons.

Because they had a shortage in workers so they needed to have more people.

Prior to World War 2 a woman's role was predominantly as a homemaker but the war left a shortage of industrial workers so the women stepped in and filled the vacancies. This role reversal was necessary for our nations survival and a pivotal moment in history.

The I.W.W. (Industrial Workers of the World)

Randolph. A. Phillip Randolph, but it was in 1925, not during World War 2.

World War II created a labor shortage in America. This resulted in many women entering the workforce to fill jobs previously held by men.

They had less people and they couldn't import supplies or export cotton to Europe. shortage of workers

1) the demand of soldiers during the war had created a shortage of white male workers. 2) about 700,000 African Americans had served in the armed forces.

The Farm Workers during WW II were sent from Mexico The Farm Workers during WW II were sent from Mexico

The first World War found America needing massive quantities of war supplies. This put factory workers in high demand, and benefited but i didn't. so................

The question is in the World War 1 category; I'm not positive whether that's the war you're referring to or not. However, in general, most nations no longer maintain a large standing military force due to the expense, so during a war, a lot of workers have to temporarily become soldiers. This means that there are fewer people to do ordinary work, and thus generates a shortage of labor. This was particularly important in 20th century wars when a lot of military equipment was large and highly mechanized... it takes a lot of labor to make, say, a tank or an airplane.

Due to a metal shortage during World War II, Oscars were made of painted plaster for three years.

during the civil war workers would wear boots, apron, overalls, gloves

Many women worked jobs, which were held by men (such as factory workers), until too many men were drafted into the military. The shortage of workers was filled by women, in many cases.

With so many men away at war there was a labour shortage and women had to step up to the plate.

Short answer: Labor shortage caused by the men leaving the civilian workforce going into the military to fight the war.

What you are asking is: "Who was the head of the National Democratic Socialist Workers Party of Germany during World War II", and the answer is Adolph Hitler. If by chance you actually meant "Who was in charge of the SS during World War II?" the answer is Heinrich Himmler.

in what ways did world war 1 help American workers

there was a need for migrant workers in Florida during the 20th century because of world war 2 and a remarkable building boom

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