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Is there a leak behind the wall? Does your hot water system have a re-circulation system in it? Is the shower very close to the hot water heater? All could be factors that keep the handle and water warm.


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Remove the handle, turn off the water with a wrench and reatache the handle in the correct position. Good Luck

On single handle shower valves, designed to let cold water first and turn handle farther to mix hot water to desired setting. If hot water turned on first, possibility of getting scalded. If seperate hot/cold handles for shower, shower valve needs work.

It depends on how much water comes out of your shower head.

The shower water filter's location varies on what type of shower head it is. It is located within the shower head, or it can be a separate device that is attached to the shower head. It is usually located just before where the water comes out of the shower head.

First make sure that the hot and cold supply lines (the plumbing) aren't backwards (hot should be on the left as you are facing the faucet) or that someone accidentally ran two hot lines. For the problem to be in the faucet itself you would have to have a single handle faucet. If this is the case the control valve is broken and should be replaced. Three handle Left= Hot Water Flow. Right= Cold Water Flow Center= Controls whether the water comes out the shower head or tub faucet. Two handle Left= Hot Water Flow Right= Cold Water Flow (Diverter Valve is elsewhere if it's a tub/shower) Single handle One handle controls both water pressure and temperature

you can dip it in cool-aid then it comes off when you take a shower.

Water does not freeze instantly..

The difference between a shower and a tub is the shower tends to enclosed with water that comes out of a shower head above while a tub has a faucet that pours into a large basin.

First off - be on the outside of the shower and screw with it clockwise and anticlockwise and see what happens. Works every time.

the shower and bath water comes from two different places so their is two different pipes. Get the shower pipe checked out by a plummer and they cause fix the pipe.

It comes from the house water system, hot from the hot water tank, and cold from supply line.

If this is a shower handle, this is a common mistake installers make. Just remove the handle, and rotate the pin that the handle connects to by 180 degrees. This will reverse the mixing cartridge. If this is a sink, then your water supply lines are reversed. Just shut the water off, and switch the lines supplying water under the sink.

Take apart the first one that water enters and look for blockage.

Showerheads spray water on people while they shower. The person turns on the shower, and water comes through the pipes and out through the showerhead. They help people clean themselves easily and efficiently.

At -40 degrees ferinheight, water instantly freezes.

Water entering the shower has no sperm. Water leaving the shower might, depending on who was there last.

They share the same drain system. Be thankful that flush water etc from the toilet does not bubble in the bath or shower. But it is a badly designed system, it shouldn't happen.

When its really cold in the air and the water reaches the air the water becomes a solide instantly.

Water don't turn instantly into ice; this depends on the temperature.

A spigot is a name for the pipe where water comes out of the plumbing. There is usually a handle that when turned can stop or start the flow of the water.

Your skin is basically a giant sponge. It absorbs whatever it comes in contact with through its pores (think nicotine patches). Therefore, you cannot safely shower with non potable water.

Water source+ pipes + pump = active shower.

Most likely the seal on the transfer valve is leaking.

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