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Sounds like the water level switch is faulty, disconnect it and see if light goes off or any others come on. The other alternative is water in the fuel filter, you can drain water out the bottom of the fuel filter using the drain.

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โˆ™ 2006-04-04 13:43:24
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Q: The warning light on the far left in my ford transit van dashboard has come on it looks like a gerry can you have checked oil water brake fluid levels except gearbox what is this light for?
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What does the gearbox warning light mean on an automatic transit?

The gearbox warning light on a transit indicates that the gearbox is having an issue and needs to be checked. The Vehicles computer has stored the information that set the light off so that you can see what the problem seems to be.

When does the airbag warning signal flash on the Hyundai Sonata dashboard?

The airbag warning signal might flash on the Hyundai Sonata dashboard if the component is malfunctioning. It should be checked by a mechanic.

Fiat punto 1.2 ELX speedgear automatic and have got an automatic gearbox warning light flashing on my dashboard. The gearbox seems to be functioning ok any idea what the warning light means. Thanks?

usually low oil

Fiat punto gearbox warning light stays on but the fluid level is correct?

A gearbox warning light that stays on even when the fluid light stays on may mean that there is something more serious going on with your car. Your Fiat should be taken to a mechanic to get checked.

What is the warning light on the left side of your ford transit van dashboard which is orange and is staying on because you have checked all fluid levels ok HELP before something blows?

This light means that water has got into the fuel filter and is now due a filter change

What do the warning lights on the peugeot 309 dashboard mean?

The red oil can warning light is an indication the oil needs to be checked immediately. The red battery warning light is a indication the charging system is not working properly.

Peugeot 206 glx what is the yellow light on the dashboard that looks like a gearbox it is always on?

That is ECU fault warning light, take it for diagnostics to find the exact fault

What does the lambda warning light on the dashboard mean?

The Lambda warming light on the dashboard is a caution indicator. Essentially it's saying something needs to be checked. It's in need of immediate attention if it's in red.

What causes a gearbox fault warning on a Jaguar x-type?

Gearbox fault what is that

Ford transit warning lights?

Skid warning light

How do you Reset dashboard warning lights on 90 Lexus ES250?

How do I Reset dashboard warning lights on 90 Lexus ES250

What does the engine shaped warning light on your transit mean?

That is the check engine light. It means that the engine computer has detected a malfunction. You need to have it checked for codes. You can then diagnose.

What are the warning light symbols on a Lexus 350 dashboard?

Warning light symbols on the dashboard of a vehicle warn of problems to the driver. For example, the warning light symbol of an exclamation on a Lexus 350 dashboard means the tire pressure is low.

Picture of Peugeot 307 dashboard warning lights?

how do you remove service warning light on 307

Toyota hiace warning lights?

toyota hiace dashboard warning lights code meanings

How do you reset ford transit brake light warning sign?

The transit brake warning light, on a Ford, can be reset by changing the brake pads. If the warning light is still on after changing the brake pads remove the fuse for 10 seconds.

What are other dashboard warning lights?

See your owner's manual. All dash warning lights are described there.

On an 2000 mercury cougar what does the warning lights on the dashboard mean?

I have what looks like a battery light on my dashboard. What does this mean?

How do you change Audi A4 dashboard lights?

warning lights

What do the lights on the dash board mean?

Most of the light on the dashboard are Warning Lights; different warning lights that might flash up on the dashboard. Some of the more common warning lights are shown below. 1 = Oil pressure warning light 2 = Battery charge warning light 3 = Brake system warning light 4 = Engine warning light

VW Golf 2003 dashboard warning light is red similar to a sailboat symbol What does this mean?

Vw jetta 2000 dashboard warning light is red similar to a sailboat symbol. What does this mean?

What do all the warning light symbols on the dashboard mean on a M registered Fiat Punto 1.1?

The warning lights symbols on the dashboard on a registered Fiat Punto 1.1 means that there is a mechanical problem.

Where can you find meanings of dashboard warning lights on fiat punto s?

You can find the meaning of dashboard warning lights for a Fiat Punto S in the owner's manual. You can also find it at the Fiat dealer.

Volvo 850 dashboard warning light red triangle?

anti pollution system warning ! Not critical at all .

Where is the tire pressure warning light on the 2004 Highlander?

It is in the dashboard cluster along with all the other warning lights.