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Deborah Sampson =]

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Woman during the American revolution?

The woman also helped win the American Revolution.

What did men and woman wear in the American revolution?

woman wore stays and panniers then put on petticoats

What did the woman do in the American revlution?

The women in the american revolution, stayed home to protect their children and pets.

How did woman and African American contribute to the success of the US in the War?

the african american woman contribute givin canons to goerge Washington to win american revolution in the battle bunkerhill.

Why did woman want the American revolution?

because the British were going too far

Who was the woman that took place at the canon after her husband was wounded in the American revolution?

The woman who did that was Margaret Ludwig Hays, or Molly Pitcher which they named her

What film did Julie Andrews play a man?

In the film "Victor/Victoria" Julie Andrews plays a female who pretends to be a female impersonator. In other words, she is a woman pretending to be a man pretending to be a woman.

What part did the woman and African Americans take in the revolution?

Women helped the wounded soldiers and African Americans fought in the army in return for freedom after the war

What two organizations fought for women suffrage?

The two organizations that fought for Women's suffrage were the National American Woman Suffrage Association (NAWSA) began to fight for a universal-suffrage amendment to the federal Constitution.and the American Women Suffrage Association (AWSA) fought for the franchise on a state-by-state basis.

What role did Women have in the American Revolution?

Many woman served a nurses in the Revolution helping to tend to the sick and wounded soldiers. They also made very good spies.

What were the accomplishments of Molly Pitcher?

first woman to fight in the Battle of Monmouth she thinks that is a good honor to have in life to say that she was actually the first woman to fight in the American Revolution.

Who is the woman beheaded in France during the revolution?

One of the many woman beheaded in the French Revolution was Marie Antoinette.

What were Molly Pitchers?

It was a long time before women were allowed to fight in battles. Molly Pitchers is a nickname for the woman who fought in the American Battle of Monmouth.

According to legend who was the woman who sewed together the first American flag?

According to legend, Betsy Ross living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, at the time of the American Revolution, is generally credited for originating and sewing the American flag.

How did phillis wheatley contribute to the American Revolution?

Phillis Wheatley was the first African-American poet published in the Americas, and the first published African-American woman. She did not contribute much to the American Revolution, but she was writing her poetry during the years of the Revolution. In fact, the publication of her poetry was slowed down and hurt during the war years. Her poetry, however, did often express the ideas and themes championed by the rebellious colonists.

Who was involed in the Industrial Revolution?

men , woman , and child were involeed in the industrial revolution.

Who was Deborah Sampson during the Revolutionary War?

She entered the army dressed as a man and called herself Robert Shurtliff. She fought in several battles in the American Revolution. When she was wounded carrying another soldier for medical attention, it was discovered she was a woman. She was forced out of the army. When she asked for a pension after the war was over, she was denied because she was a woman. Paul Revere helped her get a pension which took a special act of Congress.

Who is lyda newman?

lyda newman was an African American inventor of the new and improved hair bursh

Who are Trufaldino's two masters in the servant of two masters?

Truffaldino's two masters are Florindo and Beatrice, who is a woman pretending to be a man.

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