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180 why do you care 108 is the actual answer


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Cats can have up to 5 litters a YEAR. it's usually more like 3 or 4. Each litter can be from 1 kitten to 10 or more. The average is 4-6 kittens per litter. Cats have kittens as long as they live. Each kitten in a litter has kittens. Each of those kittens has kittens. = According to humane sites one un-spayed female cat and one un-neutered male cat and their offspring results in 420,000 kittens in 7 years. = It takes a male cat to produce each of those kittens. So spay AND neuter.

They can have up to 2-3 litters a year.Each litter can be from 1 kitten to 10 or more.The average amount of kittens per litter is about 4 to 6.Cats are going to have kittens as long as they live.Each kitten in a litter has kittens. Each of those kittens has kittens. A long cycle that goes on and on! Good luck!

If the question is asking how many kittens there are, my answer is 48 KITTENS.

Work it out backwards... 1 cat has 2 kittens (which equals 3) and there are 2 cats with 2 kittens in each basket so there is 6 in 1 basket alone. There are 3 baskets so each girl will have a total of 18 cats. So therefore, between all 4 girls, there are 72 cats.\ :D

WHY do you want your cat to have kittens? Please don't! There are Thousands of cats and kittens euthanized each year in the USA because of overpopulation. It is a myth that cats are healthier or happier if they have had a litter. Please spay her. Even if you find homes for the 7 or so kittens she has that is 7 cats or kittens elsewhere that will not find home and will be killed.

8 girls = 16 legs 8 cats = 32 legs 8 kittens per cat = 32 x 8 32 x 8 = 256 legs 16 legs + 32 legs + 256 legs = 304 legs altogether

Most cats can have three to six for each litter

You said each girl holds 3 baskets in each hand, which means there are a total of 18 baskets. Multiply the number of baskets by 3 cats per basket and there are 54 cats with a total of 162 kittens. The total number of cats and kittens is 216 multiplied by 4 legs per animal and you have 864 legs. Then you must include the total number of girls' legs which is 6. Therefore you have 870 legs total. This is assuming there are no other passengers or a driver on the bus. Edit: This was a question on one of those dodgy TV shows. The answer given as correct was 250 legs. By my reckoning this is 250legs - 6 human legs = 244 cats legs, ie 61 cats. The only way I can see this being correct is if some of the 3 cats per basket are kittens from other cats!! Is there any equation whereby each cat would have 3 kittens with the total number being 61 cats??

All kittens are born with nipples. Even boy cats have nipples. They have 8 -- 4 on each side of the belly.

Because cat's are rightfully nocternal animals (night time animals). Cats sleep for twelve hours everyday, eight of those hours are through the day. At night, a cat wakes up and wants to play. Kittens are worse as they are young and full of energy. Plus, cats prefer to hunt at night, so the kittens will be practising to hunt each other. My cats are just as bad :)

Yes. The only way to have fewer is to keep her in once you know she is in heat. Cats can have kittens with multiple father cats, so each time she gets out, she is liable to have more kittens. Actually, spaying the cat eliminates the issue.

... If the cat who gets away gets OFF the bus, then there are 352 legs. If not, there are 356 legs. There's another variable, it's not clear if the four cats in each basket each have three kittens (each basket containing 16 animals), or if each basket has four cats and three kittens (each basket containing 7 animals).

The correct answer is 29178. 26,262 is incorrect. This answer only includes the number of legs of the men and kittens. It misses the the 2912 leges of the cats. Men Cats Kittens (9 x 2) + (81 x 9 x 4) + (81 x 9 x 9 x 4)

In Highway Cats the cats talk to each other, not to humans, and the kittens found at the start of the book don't talk.

Each child has two legs (7 x 2 = 14 legs).Each child has 7 bags containing 7 big cats, so 7 x 7 = 49 big cats for each child.Each big cat has 7 kittens, so 49 x 7 = 343 kittens for each child's big cats.So, 49 x 7 big cats (343) in total. And 49 x 7 x 7 kittens (2401) in total.Total of big cats + kittens = 2744.Each cat or kitten has 4 legs. So, 2744 x 4= 10976 legs for cats, big and small. So, with the children: 14 + 10976 = 10990 total legs on the bus.

7 girls have 14 legs total.They each have four cats, so that's 28 cats with 112 legs total.The 28 cats each have 3 kittens, so that's 84 kittens with 336 legs total.462 legs total are on the bus.But then 3 girls with 6 legs get off the bus.Taking 12 cats with 48 legs off the bus.And taking 36 kittens with 144 legs off the bus.Or removing 198 legs from the bus total.Leaving 264 legs on the bus.

Each adult cat has 30 teeth, so 8 adult cats would have 240 teeth altogether.

No, kittens do not hatch from eggs. They are mammals. Like humans, each baby forms in a sac of fluid in the mommy's tummy. Cats have live-births.

The answer given is 364 but I do not agree. There are 9 baskets each with 3 cats in (=27 cats). Each cat has 3 kittens (=81 kittens). There are therefore 108 cats/kittens (=432 legs). 1 girl + bus driver left on bus (=4 legs). The number of legs is 432. Assume 364 is correct. 364 - 4 = 360 legs (girl + bus driver) 360/4 = 90 (cats/kittens) 90/9 baskets = 10 cats/kittens per basket, which is not as the riddle states.

Cats produce as little to one kitten to up to ten kittens a litter. It differs with each kind of cat.

Yes, they do interbreed. If you have a litter of kittens of males and females, you must have them all fixed or you'll have a litter from each female.

7 girls = 14 legs. Hold that number for later. (7 girls) times (7 bags per girl) = 49 bags (49 bags) times (7 cats per bag) = 343 cats (343 cats) times (7 kittens per cat) = 2,401 kittens (343 cats) + (2,401 kittens) = 2,744 4-legged creatures (2,744 4-legged creatures) times (4 legs per creature) = 10,976 legs on the cats and kittens. Add 14 legs on the girls. Total = 10,990legs. (But I am still the only one headed for St. Ives.)

well when a mommy kitty and a daddy kitty love each other VERY much...

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