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there are about how mean

justices on the Supreme Court.

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There are 9 justices in the Supreme Court.

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Q: There are justices on the supreme courthow mean justices on the supreme court are there?
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What does 9 J on the S C mean?

justices on the supreme court!

What is the length of the supreme court terms?

Justices are appointed to the Supreme Court for life or until they voluntarily retire.

What does the term Oyez Oyez Oyez mean as the Supreme Court justices are introduced?

Hear ye, hear ye

Which is required for the Supreme Court to reach a decision?

The Supreme Court requires a simple majority for a majority decision. Under normal circumstances, this would mean at least five of the nine justices must agree. There have been occasions, however, when fewer than nine justices sat on a case.The Court requires a quorum of six justices to hear a case. A simple majority of six is only four; therefore, it's important to note the correct answer is "simple majority," not necessarily five.

What does judical branch mean?

The Judicial Branch in the United States is comprised of the Supreme Court. The 9 Supreme Court Justices have the responsibility to interpret the Constitution and decide about the Constitutionality of a bill or law. Supreme Court cases set a precedent for cases around the country. The judicial branch also includes most other courts.

What does 9 j in the s c mean?

"9 J in the S C" commonly refers to the phrase "9 justices in the Supreme Court," referencing the total number of judges on the highest court in the United States.

What does supreme in supreme court mean?

The greatest

What does election into office mean?

To be elected into office means that a candidate receives the most votes from citizens. Some officials, such as Supreme Court justices, are chosen or appointed by other politicians.

What term refers to an instance in which the Supreme Court goes beyond the constitution to change the Societal behavior by interpreting the constitution to mean what the justices want it to mean?

judicial activism For more information, see Related Questions, below.

What does cert denied mean?

"Cert" is short for "certiorari," which refers to the appeal (petition for a writ of certiorari) a party files with the Supreme Court requesting the justices review the case. If the justices decide against hearing the case, they deny the petition. This is usually abbreviated and referred to as "cert denied."

What does it mean when a Supreme Court issues a dissenting opinion?

When a Supreme Court "dissents" it is disagreeing with the majority opinion.

. What does it mean when a Supreme Court justice issues a dissenting opinion?

When a Supreme Court "dissents" it is disagreeing with the majority opinion.