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You rightly said, they are scams. No external device permanently cures erectile dysfunction or increases size of penis.

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Q: There are scam like offers with the garantee healing erectile dysfunction with exercises do these really exist?
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Why must exercises in rehabilitation increase slowly?

So as not to overstress and reinjure the injury before healing has had a chance to begin.

What to do if a tendon is cut and healing and still in a guarding position?

u ve to give rest till t heals completely..rather immobilise the region..allow healing,gradually start mild flexibility exercises

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I belive lifting weights or doing exercise would slow down the healing of the injury so i dont recommend doing any :)

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What makes the iMRS Prime Hybrid PEMF Therapy System unique?

Enhances the body's natural recovery process. Corrects cellular dysfunction throughout the body. Stimulates and exercises cells to recharge cells. Gives patients more energy naturally. Improves athletic performance. Reduces inflammation and pain. Helps you recover from an injury faster.