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you should definetely ask him out if he takes time to talk to you that much than he likes for more than friends. he might not take it so well but if he turns you down ask if you can still be friends

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A note is the best way unless he has friends, then try to get him alone and tell him but always be ready for the worst. This world is cruel sometimes, so you shoul be ready at all times. Good luck :)

Pull yourself away because she's not in love she just infratuated.

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Just go with your friends and ask her out. If she's hot, and she thinks you're cute, then your chances are good, she'll say yes to the invitation. this is a girl talking you shoul ask some of your friends and she of she likes you but if she dont you got to get a better look and style and more for the girl to like you !!

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First make sure he likes you before you do anything because otherwise confronting him will just embarass you. Then talk to him when you see him around school (don't call him or anything, that might send the wrong messages) and say nicely that you think he's a good guy but not in 'that' way. Do this when you are alone so you don't make him look bad if front of his friends or yours. If he keeps bothering you say that you just need to be alone sometimes. If he follows you around or won't stop, tell a parent or teacher.

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You shoul know about your girlfriend if you are going on a date with them.

No just get it and excercise wheel and it shoul be fine.

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