There was a collision on the busiest motorway in the world Police have said there were jams everywhere. how is that joke funny?

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That's not even funny; what a pointless joke.
Actually, that sounds like an attempt at wry humor. If we are talking about Thailand or wherever, the traffic is so bad and jammed up everywhere, that nobody would even notice a collision, as the traffic would not flow any worse. Other drivers would likely be in the same places even hours after cleaning up the wreckage.
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How to induct as officer in motorway police Pakistan?

hey salam to all, the matter of induction comes when you're already serving in Pakistan motorway police on deputation basis . Before this you must know that pmp offers three years deputation which is two year further more extendable and if any one wants join this department permanently he would sub ( Full Answer )

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What is the busiest motorway in Europe?

M25 around London: 196,000 vehicles a day recorded in 2003 between junctions 13 and 14 near London Heathrow Airport,. [5] . A23 (near Vienna): More than 200,000 vehicles on an average day.(de:Autobahn Südosttangente Wien) . A 100 (near Berlin): 216,000 vehicles in a day was recorded in 1998(de ( Full Answer )

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What is the Busiest motorway in England?

The M25 (London Orbital Motorway) between junction 12 and 15 carrying on average 180,000 to 200,000, in typical peak periods traffic can reach above 200,000, and on other sections too such as junctions 15 to 16 and 12 to 9. The M62 is the second busiest motorway in the UK between junctions 20 and 29 ( Full Answer )

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Generally speaking "rush hour" is the busiest time of the day. First, there's the morning rush hour to get to work. Then, there's the evening rush hour traffic to go home from work. On Friday evening, there might be a rush to get out of the big city and get away from the city for the weekend.

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