Head Gaskets and Valve Covers
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Thermagasket has anyone used this product for headgasket or other problem?


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2006-05-26 02:28:49
2006-05-26 02:28:49

NO....DO NOT use that stuff or any block sealer. They are horrible for your engine. They only temporarly solve the problem and can increase the damage you do to your engine.


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that is plain stupid anyone who tries deserves the problems incured by doing so!!!!!!!! Well from one stupid person to another I have tried thermagasket product on both my vehicles with great success (BWM and Mercedes Benz). Reparing both vehicles the traditional way (head gasket job etc....would cost more then the FMV). Anyways I tried the thermagasket on my BMW almost 2 years ago and was doing very well until the car overheated again because of failure water pump and auxillary fan. I re-introduce thermagasket to my BMW last night June 18, 2008 and it plugged the exhaust leak pressure and overheating. Raced car to about 80 MPH for 30 miles and drove it back home with no overheating or compression issues. Like I said tried it almost 2 years ago and the overheating occurred not because Thermagasket fail but because of a mechanical problem in the cooling system.

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It's possible that it's the thermostat or a blocked radiator, but if it's blowing the coolant before the engine gets hot it could be the headgasket. BMW's are notorious for having a problem with warping heads easily if the engines overheat.

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