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Thing to say to an ex boyfriend on valentines day?


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Just simply tell him your thoughts. If you still have feelings for him then tell him that you still want to be his girl. If you despise him then say so...

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well if your boyfriend plays a sport, like football get him a football. if he doesn't play any sports i would get one of thews big big valentines day cards, and say on valentines day i have a present that starts with a K (kiss) if you and your boyfriend haven't been dating that long get him some a watch or a wallet that has his name on it. what ever you get your boyfriend DON'T HAVE IT BE TO MUCH MONEY i would say nothing over $15.

Text him a heart or smily face and say how much you love him and text xoxo a lot hugs and long slow kisses

well i would say spray it on a peice of paper and get him to smellit say this is a favorite colone if he likes it give it to him

"Melcome Valentines ken" Happy valentines day in Amharic.

i will say happy valentines day to you

Happy Ex-Valentines Day Hey. How are you?

You say happy valentines day. We speak English too.

It really depends on how your relationship is. like say you where a cute close couple and you wanted to get him a gift, i got my boyfriend a teddy bear with a picture of us in its arms:)

I LOVE YOU is probably the best thing to say to your boyfriend. Every boyfriend cherishes the fact that his girlfriend loves him.

I don't understand what you are trying to ask. If you are trying to say "How do you say Happy Valentines Day in a different language" it is very simple. Just use translators from the online world, or buy a dictionary for the language you want to say it in.

Frueliche Sanct valentine tagge

Its either Valentines day or Christmas, but I would say that Valentines day probably beats any other holiday in card sales.

I would say Mothers day and Valentines day are the top two

dont say anything to your teacher on valentines just be professional

it depends if you are dating them,if you are, just say" I want to make this Valentines day special for you, what should I get you that will make that happen?"if you aren't say..."are you dating someone?"(answer is yes) "what do you think he is getting you for Valentines day?"-(i dont know) "well what do you want""whatdo you think he is getting you for Valentines day?"(ex. chocolates) "is there anything else you might like?"if they arent dating say..."what do you want, i mean... if your not dating i might as well get you something!"lol hope this helps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ημέρα του Αγίου Βαλεντίνου ευτυχισμένη

Valentine's Day is not big in Israel, but you would say: Yom Valentine Same'ach

With Valentines Day coming it is the perfect time. Send her/him a Valentines day card with a box of chocolate or with roses and ask her/him to go out with you in the card. " Like say will you go out with me, will you be my valentine."

barentainsu dei it's same but it's pronounced differently.

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