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1.the speed of light

2. blink of an eye

3. evolution

4. how quickly your fingernails grow

5. movement of tectonic plates

6.time it takes for a tree to grow

7.the time it takes for a diamond to form

8.the time it takes for grass to grow life long it takes to count all the grains of sand on the beach

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Can you list ten sports that can't be timed with a stopwatch?

shotput, baseball, tennis, golf, diving, discus, hammer throw, high jump, bowling, archery

What is the metric unit for a stopwatch?

There are many things about a stopwatch that you can measure.You might want to know the mass, weight, diameter, thickness,temperature, conductivity, or cost of the stopwatch, and they allhave different units.Of course, the stopwatch itself measures time, and the unit of THATis the second, in both SI and US Customary units.

How fast is a stopwatch?

It depends on the stopwatch.

What is the sentence for stopwatch?

I'll need a stopwatch.

Does a stopwatch measure distance?

No. A stopwatch measures time.

Who is the inventor of the stopwatch?

The inventor of the stopwatch was Samuel Watson. He invented the stopwatch in 1695. Samuel was a clock and watch maker.

Can you skip time for the safari on heartgold?

No, you cannot skip time. You are timed no matter what you do. It is part of the game.

Do you use a stopwatch to measure how fast your heart beats?

Yes, you use a stopwatch.It was a math quiz for me, I wrote a stopwatch, and I got it correct.

In Animal Crossing what does the stopwatch do?

if you buy a stopwatch at tom nooks store, you can use it for a contest. Something like: 'How much fish can you catch within 10 minutes?' And that kind of stuff. It can't be used for other things.

When do you know your timing chain is failing in 1995 Nissan 200sx?

Noisy, and you cannot keep the engine timed.

What unit of measurement does a stopwatch use?

A stopwatch uses seconds as a unit of measurement.

Is dressage timed?

No dressage is not timed

Where was the stopwatch was invented?

The stopwatch (or "chronograph") was invented in Paris, France by a man named Rieussec.

Is stopwatch a noun?

Yes the word stopwatch is a singular noun. The plural form is stopwatches.

When Timing chain replacement 1999 Malibu?

When it become noisy, or your engine cannot be timed or kept in time correctly.

What is the difference between electronic and mechanical?

An electronic stopwatch gives a higher accuracy than a mechanical stop watch.

What is chrobograghy?

A chronograph is similar to a stopwatch. Not only does it function as a sort of stopwatch, it can also calculate speed and distance.

Is Stopwatch one word or hyphenated?

It is a single word, stopwatch, for the particular watch used as a timing device.

What is the definition of timing in sport?

definition of timing in sport is how fast you can do things while being timed in nanoseconds

How will you record the time taken to do a skill?

Use a stopwatch, when you have prepared everything, start the stopwatch and start your skill, when you have finished if it takes you a couple of seconds to stop the stopwatch deduct it from the time displayed on the screen.

What scientific symbol for stopwatch?

its a \/

What happens when your stopwatch reaches 1000 hours?

Your stopwatch can't count on any longer after it reaches 1000 hours.

Why are you timed in your level in Littlebigplanet 2?

You are timed in your level for bonus points.

What is the use of a stopwatch?

The primary use of a stopwatch is to time the duration of an event. Example: how many minutes/seconds does it take for a runner to race one mile -- "start" the stopwatch when the starting gun fires, then click "stop" as the runner crosses the finish line. You can try a stopwatch yourself on-line to get a sense of how it works and give you ideas of what you might be able to use it for. Just Google "on line stopwatch" you should get several options.

Does restoring an iPhone stop the stopwatch?

Just close the app to stop the stopwatch! Or if it doesnt close restart don't restore.