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It is important for you to stress to him that you are not interested. Maybe he believes you are just playing hard to get. If he still insists on flirting you should talk to someone he respects and let them know.

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Well if he keeps flirting just go long with it and if you dont see him as more than friend then tell him or her that you just want to be friends well to know if he's flirting with you he would say something like: "wanna hang out later?" or "do you want to sit with me at lunch?" and he might nod at you if he's staring hes liking

You should confront that guy that is flirting with your girlfriend about it. You should say hey i am not cool with you flirting with my girlfriend and i dont like it. Maybe after you say something he will stop but if not then idk haha....

there flirting if u liek them ask them out if u dont tell him to leave u alone

always its how they live they cant help it its a mans job but still doesnt mean he dont love you

You dont make her stop flirting -- he does If he does not, he is either still interested or enjoys the (ego) attention, regardless. So you will have to decide if you want that kind of man in your life

ask her to stop flirting with you if you dont like it, or if you like it then tell her so.

if you dont wnat to do something dont if he loves you he will respect what you want to good luck !

as a girl, if she is flirting with you, and acts like she likes you, you should talk to her and ask her to do something. If she says no, dont loose hope, there are other fish in the sea

to me you should talk to him and ask him why hes flirting with you if he has a girlfriend because you dont want to start problems with this chick and i understand you like him but to me this is the perfect chance to see if hes a loyal, honest boyfriend and from what your telling us hes not because how would u feel if u were dating him and hes flirting with other girls so i dont know why u still lk him in my opinion i wouldnt like to go out with someone knowing hes a cheater

Nicely say your not at all interesed and you want to be friends.

i dont know i dont have a friend

No that's the worse thing you can do. Dont ignore him but try to get his attention flirt with him and let him now your flirting

Well, you should just say that to her face and if she keeps stalking you then tell her to go away...

Personally i believe flirtation is not harmful, unless you are in a current relationship/marriage, then to be honest it is not acceptable. however there is such a phrase as 'friendly flirting' or 'innocent flirting' which involves giving someone a 'sexy' compliment, these are okay if your single or in a relationship, as far as seduction goes, it should only be allowed when your single, and to the extent it goes, should be pretty obvious, if you feel the other person is falling for you, and you dont feel the same, you should immediately stop, do not underestimate seduction, sometimes we lose control and dont understand the situation we have put people in, so be careful. Hope this answers your question

not necessarily... if you have an open relationship, then no but if u dont then yeah.

obvi you dont know nothing you failure at flirting...

Because maybe he's insecure and needs to make sure that you dont still have feelings for your ex

He might care for you or he might not but I dont think hes a good guy for you. If he keeps on doing this then I think you should break up with him.

Make sure he is flirting. If he really is flirting with a 14 year old he is a pervert report him, kidding, dont talk to him. KrazyKathy

hun, that means he probably likes you(: !! but dont assume he does he could just be disgusted by the presence of someone flirting! hah!

Always. but dont sound needy/ pathetic

it sounds like he does but you dont know for sure you should just talk to him and see what he says. if you dont want to do it face to face then ask your friend to

Try flirting with him, but dont get to crazy, or you will creep him out.... Talk to him about school projects ect. And use lots of icons and expressive words like "awh!".

You should leave him if he is flirting with other girls because he shows no interest in you. Apart from that he is just being friendly, don't get jealous.