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Granite is one kind of hard rock.

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What hard rock useful in building bridges and buildings?


What hard rock is useful for building bridges and buildings?


What hard rock is used for building bridges and buildings?


This hard rock is useful in buliding bridges and bulidings?

The hard rock that is useful for building bridges and buildings is known as granite. Granite is also used for building counter tops.

What hard rock is useful in building bridges and building?

Most modern bridges are steel structure or framework. Limestone, dolomite and marble have been used in many historic buildings attesting to their durability.

This hard rock is useful in building bridges and building what is it?

limestone or granite.

The best hard rock used in building bridges?


What rock is used to smash buildings?

building rocker

What is a hard rock used to build bridges?

ashphalt and gravel

What kind of rock is used to build buildings?

be-case it is a a building

What rock is used to make bridges and structures?

Several bridges and buildings are made out of limestone, a very common rock used in architecture. Other rocks used are sandstone, granite, and marble.

What is a igneous rock used for building material?

Because igneous rocks are so hard, they make useful road building materials. When sheets of igneous rock are cut and polished, they are used inside buildings such as banks and offices, and are also used as gravestones.

What are granties?

it is a type of hard rock used for grand buildings.

What is granite rock use for?

Granite rock is a type of ingenuous rock made mostly of quartz. Granite is used in buildings, bridges, countertops, tiles, monuments and paving.

What minerals are in limestone?

Limestone is a sedimentary rock and the mineral in it is calcite and is popular for building buildings with it.

Which two rocks could be cut into building blocks to make walls of buildings?

Igneous rock and Meta-igneous rock.

What is granite used for and why?

granite is a introusive igneouse rock. which means it was formed from magma. granite is used to make: bridges buildings paving streets with coblestones curbstones floors counters and sometimes outdoor garden statues this is because granite is an extreamly hard rock and have a preaty color.

What rock is best for building?

There are many characteristic of a best rock in building buildings. For easy work you can use marble, limestone or dolomite. For durability and strength you can use igneous rocks such as basalt.

What is the most abundant igneous rock that is hard and is mainly used in buildings and monuments?


Do buildings shake more they if they are constructed on rock or sand?

yes... without steel reinforcing, possibly rock may be strong enough to withstand an earthquake but building are not constructed of rock.

How is a igneous rock used?

it is used for making roads cast building, shops, cottages, pubs, and civic buildings

Where is pile foundation preferred?

Depending on the soil, height, weight & size of building. All bridges are put in by friction or to bed rock.

What is the best hard rock used for building buildings?

Best is a subjective term. For ease of working, limestone, dolomite, or marble would be good. For strength and durability, igneous rocks such as granite or basalt would have the desired characteristics.

Which rock is a popular building stone?

they used alot of bluestone for mansions in the 1800's, in Sydney were sandstone is prevalent there are sandstone buildings and the Empire Sate Building is made out of Granite, but if one considers concrete a stone or rock then it is.

Why is concrete used as a building material?

concrete is a hard and very reliable substance that you can have as a liquidity substance then mold it properly the way you want it then it becomes hard as rock then you can have a lasting building.