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It was called death city.

it was called Hawaii or bust lol

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How did the US obtain Oregon country?

Countries that claimed land in Oregon Country where Russia, Spain, Britain, and America. Spain dropped out when the treaty was signed when Spain gave Florida to the US. Russia also dropped out later. Britain and America then decided to split the Oregon Country in half along the 49th parallel (part of the border of the US and Canada today).

When was the first atomic bomb dropped on an enemy city and on which city was it dropped?

It was first dropped on August 6, 1945 by the United States on Hiroshima, Japan. A second one was also dropped three days later on Nagasaki, Japan. Those two bombs are credited with bringing an end to World War II less than two weeks later, with the surrender of Japan on August 15, 1945. Ironically, as devastating as they were, the dropping of those bombs may have actually saved numerous Japanese lives, as the country was preparing to dig in and defend itself in what would have been a lengthy (and likely very bloody) war of attrition.

What was Bill Cosby's first job?

Bill Cosby dropped out of 10th grade to join the U.S. Navy. Later, he also dropped out of college to become a stand-up comedian. His first acting assignment was in the espionage series I Spy (1965 - 1968).

If three people get minor in possession citations plus the driver gets reckless driving and the charges get dropped against one person would they have to also get dropped for the driver and other?

Not necessarily. It depends on the circumstances or the dealings of your lawyer with the DA.

What is the country famous for the kiwi bird?

New Zealand, the Kiwi Bird is a native fauna to their country and is also represented on the three dollar coins in that country.

How seeds can travel?

they usually travel with air,water, soil and wind. They also travel in animal feces. When an animal eats a plant the seed will later be dropped in other locations.

How did queen the band form?

Brian May started it in college. When his partner dropped out Freddie Mercury stepped in and Roger Taylor also was there. They later auditioned John Deacon into the band.

What are the three capitals in Italy?

They are Rome, Florence, and Venice. These are also the three that offer the most cultural experience for visitors of the country.

Where was the first atomic bomb used in war?

The first atomic bomb dropped on Japan was dropped on Hiroshima. A second bomb later was used against Nagasaki, after no response from the Japanese. There is also the Trinity test, which was a test to see if it would explode in the force it was supposed to, and that was in New Mexico.

Who is the next president?

This depends on the organization and country. Also, these things may not be able to be accurately determined until later.

What did America do during World War 2 that no other country did?

The only actions of consequence would be the 2 Atomic Bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. The USA are also the only country ever to use a Nuclear device against an Enemy country.

The first atomic bomb ever dropped in warfare was dropped on the city of?

Hiroshima, Japan, also Nagasaki, Japan

Who helped Lady Gaga to be a singer?

Her family. She also signed with Def Jam Recordings when she was 19, but she dropped the label a few months later. Shortly after, her former management company introduced her to songwriter and producer RedOne, whom they also managed.

How get ITR in Mafia Wars?

In order to get ITRs, you must do the "Steal Bank Records" job in the Capo tier. They are dropped at random. You can also get them from fighting. They are also dropped at random. You can also buy them from the Godfather with your rewards points.

How did the bombing betwe en the us and japan start?

The Japanese dropped bombs on the Naval Fleet in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, USA. They also attacked the Philippines and later the Midway Islands. The US bombed Japan during Doolite's Raid months later. The war escalated from that point.

Who is rowanclaw?

Rowanclaw is a warrior of shadowclan and later in the series deputy. He is also tawnypelt's mate and they have three kits tigerheart , Dawnpelt , and Flametail.

What is the country code?

A country code is a shorthand for the name of a country or territory. For example, a telephone country code is a one-, two-, or three-digit prefix used to call a particular country or territory. Each country also has a two-letter country code for use on the Internet.

In the country - who sang it?

if you are referring to "Out in the Country"-that was Three Dog Night in 1970Cliff Richard also had a hit with the Shadows in the UK around the same time.

How does blood sugar affect hemoglobin?

A1C dropped from 8.9 to 6.4; hemoglobin also dropped from 14.3 to 12. What is the connection, if any?

What country does Scotland belong to?

Scotland is a country which is within another country: the United Kingdom, also called Britain. The other three constituent countries of the UK are England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

How many bombs were dropped on Ireland during World War II?

Belfast was heavily bombed and almost half the housing was destroyed with over a thousand deaths. Dublin itself was accidentally bombed also with around 90 people being killed. Three people were also killed when four bombs were dropped on Campile, a village in Co. Wexford.

How do you make amulets of power?

You can't make it. It is dropped by the kalphite queen, and by revenant dark beasts. You can also buy it at the Grand Exchange.You can't make it. It is dropped by the kalphite queen, and by revenant dark beasts. You can also buy it at the Grand Exchange.You can't make it. It is dropped by the kalphite queen, and by revenant dark beasts. You can also buy it at the Grand Exchange.You can't make it. It is dropped by the kalphite queen, and by revenant dark beasts. You can also buy it at the Grand Exchange.

When and where did US drop the atomic bombs on Japan?

"Little Boy" the first atomic bomb used in warfare was dropped on Hiroshima, Japan on August 6th, and "Fat Man" the second atomic bomb was dropped on Nagasaki, Japan on August 9th. Although Japan was already ready to surrender before the atom bombs were dropped, they did not surrender when the first bomb was dropped, which caused the US to drop the second one. After the second atomic bomb was dropped, Imperial Japan surrendered 5 days later, and the surrender ceremony was September 2nd, which also ended World War 2.

How long does a misdemeanor stay on your record if the charges were dropped?

The record of your arrest and the charge will always remain, but the fact that the charges were dropped will also appear.

Will a hermit crab die if dropped?

sometimes, it also stresses them out, but most likey they will die if dropped on a hard surface form high up.

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