Title of songs with fire in the title?

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After The Fire = Roger Daltrey

Baby's On Fire = Cold Chisel

Blood And Fire = Type O Negative

Campfire Song: SpongeBob SquarePants

Chariot Of Fire = N.E.R.D

Crossfire = Stevie Ray Vaughn

Dig For Fire = Pixies

Everything's On Fire = Hunters and Collectors

Fight Fire With Fire = Metallica

Fire & Ice: Yngwie Malmsteen

Fire & Rain: Cher

Fire's Still Burning: Dolly Parton

Fire, Fire: M.I.A.

Fire: 50 Cent

Fire: Alice Cooper

Fire: Arthur Brown

Fire: Bruce Springsteen

Fire: Bruce springsteen/pointer sisters

Fire: Chris Brown

Fire: Cirith Ungol

fire: crazy world of arthur brown

Fire: Delirious?

Fire: Enrico Garzilla

Fire: Jimi Hendrix

Fire: Ohio Players

Fire: Ozzy Osbourne

Fire: Pete Townshed

Fire: Prodigy

Fire: Red Hot Chili Peppers

Fire: The O.C. Supertones

Fire: U2

Fire: Yngwie Malmsteen

fire aka the elements:brian Wilson/beach boys SMiLE!


Fire and Ice: Pat Benatar

Fire and Rain: Clay Aiken

Fire And Rain: James Taylor

Fire and Rain: John Denver

Fire and Rain: Willie Nelson

Fire at Will: Jonah33

Fireball: Deep Purple

Fireball: Stormhammer

Fireball x15: Hanzel und Gretel

Fire Bomb: Rihanna

Firebreather: Thrice

Fire Burning: Average White Band

Fire Burning: The Kinks'

Fire Burns Below: Judas Priest

Fire Coming Out of a Monkey's Head: Gorillaz

Fire Dogs: Ren & Stimpy

Fire Down Below: Bob Seeger

Fire Down Below: Cher

Fired Up: Jessica Simpson

Fire Engine: Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen

Fire Fall Down: Hillsong United

Firefight: Jimmy Eat World

Fire Fire: Mot������¶rhead

Fire Fire Fire: Hellacopters

Fireflies: Fleetwood Mac

Fireflies: Owl City

Firefly: A Teens

Firefly: Damn Yankees

Firefly: Jimmy Needham

Firefly: The Temptations

Fire from the Sky: Skeletonwich

Fire Girl: Iggy Pop

Firehouse: KISS

Fire Ice and Dynamite: Deep Purple

Fire in My Bones: Adam West

Fire in My Eyes: Fireflight

Fire In My Heart: Super Furry Animals

Fire Inside: Bob Seeger

Fire in the Basement: Deep Purple

Fire In The Hole: General Patton vs The X-Ecutioners

Fire in the Hole: Steely Dan

Fire in the Hole: Van Halen

Fire in the Night: Anvil

Fire in the Sky: Ozzy Osbourne

Fire in the Sky: Yngwie Malmsteen

Fire in the wire: the breaks

Fire Island: Village People

Fire It Up: Black Label Society

Fire It Up: Modest Mouse

Fire it Up: Thousand Foot Krutch

Fire Lake: Bob Seeger

Fireline Road: James McMurtey

Fire Makes Steel: Survivor

Fireman & Policeman and Mini Putt Security Guard: Dane


Fireman: Drag-On

Fireman: Lil' Wayne

Fireman: Lit

Firemass: Danzig

Fire of Heaven: Matisyahu

Fire of Unknown Origin: Blue Oyster Cult

Fire on Babylon: Sinead O'Connor

Fire on Fire: Alabama

Fire On The Mountain: Grateful Dead

fire on the mountain: Marshall tucker band

Fire on the Tracks: Neil Diamond

Fireplace: R.E.M.

Fireproof: Pillar

Fires Burn: Delirious?

Fireside Song: Genesis

Firesign: Skid Row

Fires in Hell: Half-a-Mill

Fires of Eden: Cher

Firestarter: Gene Simmons

Firestarter: Jimmy Eat World

Firestarter: Prodigy

Firestorm/Forged in Flames: Earth Crisis

Fire Suit 1: Elvis Costello

Fire Suit 3: Elvis Costello

Fire Suit Reprise: Elvis Costello

Fire to Fire: Tanya Tucker

Fire To Me: Hyper vs. Crystal Method

Fire to My Soul: Demon Hunter

Fire up the Shoesaw: Lionrock

Firewalker: Liz Phair

Firewater: 311

Firewater: Yellowcard

Fire Water Burn: Bloodhound Gang

Fire Wire: Cosmic Gate

Fire Woman: The Cult

Fireworks: Alabama

Fireworks: Blue Oyster Cult

Fireworks: Plain White T's

Fireworks: School House Rock

Fireworks: The Crash

Fireworks at Dawn: Senses Fail

Fire Your Guns: AC/DC

Fuel My Fire: Prodigy

Girl In The Fire: Pendulum

Girl On Fire: INXS

Great Balls of Fire: Jerry Lee Lewis

Hang fire: rolling stones

House Of Fire: Alice Cooper

I'm On Fire: Bruce Springsteen

If You Love Somebody, Set Them On Fire: Dead Milkmen

I Love Playing with Fire: The Runaways

Inside the Fire: Disturbed

I set fire to the rain: Adele

Lake Of Fire: Meat Puppets

Light My Fire: The Doors

My Ass Is On Fire: Mr. Bungle

On Fire: Van Halen

Paper in fire: John Mellencamp

Play With Fire: Rolling Stones

Put Out The Fire: Queen

Ring O' Fire: Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra

Ring Of Fire: Johnny Cash

Set Me On Fire: Type O Negative

Sex On Fire: Kings Of Leon

She Breathes Fire: Blue Meanies

Sicklist On Fire: Melt Banana

Sleep Now In The Fire: Rage Against The Machine

Streets of fire: Bruce springsteen

The Fire: Reel Big Fish

This Fire: Franz Ferdinand

Through the Fire and Flames: DragonForce

Touch The Fire: Icehouse

Walk Through The Fire: Peter Gabriel

We Didn't Start the Fire: Billy Joel

Wildfire: Michael Martin Murphey

Wind's On Fire: Yonder Mountain String Band

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