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well you at least need to have a bachelor , master, or a doctoral degree.,
with midwife and nursing experience
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What qualifications do you need to become a midwife?

So many states, so many answers. Google midwiife licensing in your state. You should find it In the UK, you need: . At least 5 GCSE passes grades A*-C, including English language, maths and a science. Some universities ask for 7 or even 8 GCSE grades A*-C. You also need at least 3 A Levels, offers ( Full Answer )

What is a midwife?

Answer Someone who looks after the baby and mother 'till they leave hospital. They help to deliver a baby. A midwife can also be a man despite the name! If there were no complications during pregnancy and none are expected in the birth process, a midwife can perform all necessary tasks. This is o ( Full Answer )

What skills and qualities do you need for being midwife?

are you being seriouse, there are no answers for a ything on this site!!! how do you expect people to do work if they cant fin answers to things that are important · Excellent people skills. · To be able to have good communication and observation skills. · Ability to answer questions  ( Full Answer )

Why do you want to be a midwife?

I had an interview recently to study midwifery in university and when asked this question this is the answer I gave.. I grew up in a place of low economical background where very little women were educated, when they became pregnant they did not know the dangers of miss-using substances like drugs ( Full Answer )

What is a midwife paid?

There is not a set paycheck for a midwife. There are several component to consider such as his/her level of formal education, state or town, his/her years in the field, employed in hospital or office, and their reupation.

What skills does a midwife need?

A midwife needs the skills of: - Knowledge - Observation - Measurement and testing - Data interpretation - Record keeping - Diagnosis - Communication (verbal and non-verbal) - Advising - Counselling - Modelling - Distraction - Setting challenges - Monitoring - Aspects of personality

Do you have to be a nurse to be a midwife?

No, there are alot of "Nurse Midwives" but you dont have to be a nurse to be one. just get your schooling and alot of experence -the Philippines are a great place to go for that, I delivered over 100 babies there within 6 months- dont put yourself through the trouble of becomeing a nurse then a midw ( Full Answer )

What is the purpose of a midwife?

To take care of the parents and deliver the baby. In most countries the doctor only deliver when something is going wrong. Midwives were the first ones delivering babies but they weren't called midwives then. It was the old wise woman in the village who had some medical knowledge regarding herbs etc ( Full Answer )

What are the hours of a midwife?

It depends on the type of practice she has. Hospital midwives have similar shift hours to obstetricians. Homebirth midwives who have a solo practice are on call 24/7, while homebirth midwives in a group practice may switch on call shifts.

Who is a midwife?

A person who serves as an attendant at childbirth but is not a physician. Some midwives (called certified nurse midwives) are trained in university programs, which usually require previous education in nursing; others (called lay midwives) learn their skills through apprenticeship a midwife is a pe ( Full Answer )

What personality traits are needed to become a midwife?

Some personality traits that are needed to become a midwife includecompassion, understanding, patience and kindness. You would alsohave to be a quick thinker and able to work independently.

Where do midwifes get their names from?

The word midwife means "woman in the middle," from the Indo-European root me- and the the Old English wif ( a neuter noun) meaning "woman."

What is the role of a midwife?

The role of a midwife goes much further than delivering babies. Although the birth itself is at the heart of the process, midwives also provide support to women, babies, partners and families from conception right through to the first phase of post-natal care. A midwife is the main form of contact t ( Full Answer )

What GCSEs do I need to become a midwife?

It varies for different universities, but for most you need at least 5 GCSE grades at A*-C including maths, English language and a science. However, you will also need A Levels or A Level equivalents

Were there Midwifes on the Titanic?

The titanic didn't have midwives on board, however the ship did have a hospital and an isolation ward. The doctors on board would have been trained to deal with anything such as births.

Where can a midwife work?

A midwife can work in a hospital (if she is a certified nurse midwife), at a birthing center, or even in the clients own home. It is all about what make the mom to be feel the most comfortable.

What is the job of a midwife?

The job of a midwife is to play a key role in the pre and post natal care of mother and child during labor and delivery. The midwife also provides emotional support for the mother and family.

What subject do you need to take to be a midwife?

In the United States, nurse-midwives are advance practice nurses (nurse practitioners). This requires the minimum of the master's degree in nursing. However, first you need to become a registered nurse. There are three options to become a registered nurse as follows. diploma program (typically ( Full Answer )

Who does a midwife work with?

Midwives may work with a variety of people, depending on their practice. Some midwives work in conjunction with other midwives or with physicians (usually OB-GYNs but also family practice, etc.) Some midwives have apprentices who are studying to become midwives. Some hire assistants or doulas, and s ( Full Answer )

What course do you need to take at college to train to become a midwife?

Today, midwives are typically registered nurses. Most have advanced degrees (master's some doctorates). Still, there are three options to become a registered nurse as follows.. diploma program (typically three years, not recommended for individuals who do not have an already existing degree) . ass ( Full Answer )

What college courses are needed to become a midwife?

Midwives today are registered nurses. The following is written by and according to the U.S. Department of Labor and particular to the education and training required for a registered nurse. . The three major educational paths to registered nursing are a bachelor's degree, an associate degree, and ( Full Answer )

Can a man be a midwife?

Absolutely, but it is not very common. There are male nurses, which is similar but male midwives will specialize in attending/assisting births.

Was Thomas Paine a midwife and what is a midwife?

A midwife is someone who is trained to assist in childbirth. Thomas Paine is sometimes said to have been midwife to the United States, but this is not meant literally. Thomas Paine was a writer around the time of the Revolutionary War in the US. He wrote widely circulated pamphlets arguing for Ind ( Full Answer )

What qualities are needed to be a midwife?

A midwife is a nurse first and then have additional schooling. Empathy, patience and good at reading ppl I would say are good qualities. Same as for nurses.oh and sometimes you have to be able to be kinda bossy. Ppl aren themseleves when they are in pain and scared.

Do you need to do triple science to be a midwife?

triple science might give you more of a head start but it isn't necessary as long as you get a b in double science you can study science at college which is needed to be a midwife or nurse hope this is helpful

What scientific knowledge does a midwife need?

well, a midwife would need to know about human biology so s/he can spot if something goes wrong with the mum or baby, and they need to be able to work all the machinery etc x

What is the masculine of midwife?

'Midwife' is not the name of the job, it is the meaning - the word midwife means 'with woman', so be it a male or a female in the career position, they would still be called a midwife, as they are attending the woman.

What knowledge does a midwife need?

There are a range of important skills and knowledge you will need to pursue a career in midwifery. . Excellent people skills Having babies happens to all sorts of people, so you will be providing professional support and reassurance to a huge diversity of women, during some of the most emotionall ( Full Answer )

Does a midwife do cesareans?

No. Midwives attend normal, low-risk deliveries. If a client requires a cesarean section, a midwife will refer her to an obstetrician, a surgeon trained in medicalized childbirth. A nurse-midwife may attend the surgery, but in the same capacity as a nurse, not as the primary provider.

What does a midwife specialize in?

Midwives attend healthy, low-risk births. They are trained to recognize potential medical complications in pregnancy and refer those women to obstetricians, who specialize in higher risk pregnancies. Some midwives may have specific training in working with particular groups of women, such as women w ( Full Answer )

What sciences do you need be a midwife?

Midwives generally have training in biology, chemistry, anatomy and physiology, pathology, and diagnostics. A nurse-midwife may have prescriptive authority, in which case she would have training in pharmacology. It really depends on what type of midwife you want to be, and whether you pursue a nurse ( Full Answer )

What personal skills do midwifes need?

why the hell are there no answers on this website? It is rubbish, i advise no one to use it cause you will either not get an answer at all or they will give you a wrong answer! Never using this website again. Apologies if i have upset anyone but it's right!!

What college course requirement would you need to be a midwife?

In the US, midwives have the broadest scope of practice when they are also advanced practice nurses (i.e. certified nurse midwives). The normal college courses, then, are a bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) and the master of science in nursing (MSN).

What subjects do you need to study to be a midwife?

To be a midwife, a person should probably study any subjects which have to do with nursing, since they will be acting as one. They should also take any classes which have to do with child birth.

What is the work of midwife?

The Midwife help bring comfort and support to the person who is giving birth, to tell her to push and breathe, but if the person is giving birth at home, the midwife delivers the baby.

Which college would you need to attend to become a midwife?

You would need to attend a school that will give this degree but before attempting this, you will need to be a RN with a master's in nursing. Two more years later will give you the education to be a midwife.

What qualifications do you need to me a midwife?

A midwifery degree is a graduate degree, and many people who become midwives first get their undergraduate degree in nursing. A bachelor's degree in nursing sets you up for a smooth transition into a graduate midwifery program. The majority of midwives practicing in the U.S. today are certified nurs ( Full Answer )

Do you need a degree to be a midwife?

It depends on the type of midwife. There are two main ones: Certified Nurse Midwives (CNM) and Certified Professional Midwives (CPM). CNMs are registered nurses (RNs) with an advanced degree, like Masters of Science in Nursing. CPMs go through training and a certification program set by the North ( Full Answer )

What is a community midwife?

A medically trained professional, specialising in childbirth and pregnancy, who travels to the patient (rather than the patient travelling to a surgery or hospital).

What degree is needed to get a job as a midwife?

For an individual to land a job as a midwife they would have to complete a degree in midwifery. Moreover, they will need excellent communication skills as well as good people skills because they are looking after pregnant women and it would be very well for them to communicate with them to make sur ( Full Answer )