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Q: To buy Disney's Pinocchio script does anyone know where I can get a published one?
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Does anyone have the clique script?

Actually only the cast members have the actual script.

Where do you go to get your script published?

Rarely is the goal of a screenwriter who writes a script to publish the script. Usually the goal is to sell the script. If you have a script that you want to publish, your best option may be a self-publishing organization that you can hire to print your script on demand when people want to buy the script in a book form. Most often scripts are sold to producers, production companies and so forth, so that 'published copies' of the script are those produced once the screenplay has been greenlit for production.

Does anyone have the script for Juice by Stephen Davis?


Would anyone make a script like hairspray and hsm?


Has anyone in Missouri ever wrote a movie script and sold it?

Yes, probably, someone in Missouri has written a movie script and sold it.

Did anyone perform the play Cosmic Pinball in school?

Yes, and I still have the script

Can anyone please give funny script for four people?

Men or women?

When was Pan published?

The character first appeared in a story in the book "The Little White Bird" in 1902.The play was first performed in 1904.The novel version was published in 1911.The final script of the play was published in 1928.

When was Peter Pan published?

The character first appeared in a story in the book "The Little White Bird" in 1902.The play was first performed in 1904.The novel version was published in 1911.The final script of the play was published in 1928.

Does anyone know the font for Dancing With the Stars Please help me?

Adine Kirnberg Script

Would anyone want an eastenders signed script?

YES! I know I would. but there would be a lot of fans who would LOVE to get their hands on an authentic 'Stenders script!

If a studio has rights to a movie can anyone write a script for it?

Yes. But good luck getting anyone at the studio to read it-- and not for the reasons you may think. Studios are paranoid about law suits re. creative material. By accepting your unsolicited script, the studio officially acknowledges that your script exists. And if anything in their commissioned script is similar to what you've written, the studio has opened itself up to you, the writer, suing them for using some element of your script in their film and not paying you. So the bottom line is they always have to send back unsolicited scripts unopened.

Is it true that Shakespeare never published any of his plays?

Yes. Shakespeare was not the owner of the right to publish his plays. His position was rather like that of someone hired by a television network to write a script for a television show. The script belongs to the network, not the writer. In the same way, Shakespeare's scripts belonged to the King's Men. Some of the Quarto editions published during his lifetime seem to be pirate copies and others seem to be copies published by the company. The Folio, published in 1623, was published by two members of the company, not by Shakespeare's residuary legatees John and Susanna Hall.

How do you write a drama comedy script?

how do you write a drama comedy script, so anyone can answer? check out this site it might be of some help. though reading Rober Mckey's '' story'' is the best and easiest read on how to write a script of any genres.

Does anyone know where can you find play and music scripts for The Sound of Music?

I don't know but if you go on, type Sound of Music Script or something I bet you something will come up with the entire script. =(

Who is the most famous martial arts script writer for movies?

You can explore the list, below, and pick out the names of the script writers, deciding for yourself which is the 'most famous'. Your choice will depend on which of these movies is the 'most famous' movie in your opinion. There is no scale of 'most famous' against which to measure anyone or anyone's work.

Where can you find an into the woods Jr script for free?

I'm just thinking the Same thing! If anyone knows please answer this for us!

What is a script for a movie called?

Movie Script

What year was Star Wars first published?

The first movie came out in 1977, but the script was slowly developed from the late 1960's to 1976. Fredrick Douglas.

What year did Romeo and Juliet come out?

I didn't even know they were in the closet! Seriously, the play was first performed around 1595 and first published as a script in 1597.

How many albums have The Script published so far?

The Script have released three albums so far. Their 2008's debut titled simply "The Script", 2010's sophmore called "Science & Faith" and their latest, released in the UK on 10 September 2012 and in the United States on 9 October 2012, called just "#3".

Who reads film script?

The written document called a script is not widely-published. Rather, it is read by people interested in turning the story told there into a movie.Within the moneyed community interested in buying scripts, titles of people who read scripts includes:Script readersProducersDirectorsActorsCrew leadsMore, depending on the film.Of course, your friends and family will always be interested in reading your script.

What script is the language Telugu written in?

Telugu Script evolved from Bhattiprolu script, which is a variant of Brahmi Script

What is television script called And are there different names for scripts for for example a script for a series a drama and a game show?

Every script is called a script. Regardless of the genre, the script is still called the script.

Does anyone have a shop button script on roblox?

I dunno, cuz when i placed a shop building in my place the items are on the shop button along with it....