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ERD diagrams bus company

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Q: To draw a entity relationship diagram for bus services?
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Draw complete Entity Relationship Diagram for Railway Reservation System. Make assumption wherever necessary?

draw complete entity relationship diagram for railway reservation system

How to draw entity relationship diagram?

To draw a relationship diagram, start by placing relationship at the center of the paper. Connect entities to the relationship, and branch out with the different attributes.

Entity relationship diagram of employee attendance system?

draw the e-r diagram for staff attendance

Entity relationship model with example?

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How do you draw an entity relationship diagram for an airline ticket reservation centre?

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Draw Entity Relationship diagram for hotel management system?

You can use a template and customize it to fit your personal hotel management system, or you can do one from scratch. There is no wrong or right answer.

How do you draw an entity-relationship model?

to draw an Er-diagram you need >> objects >> relationship between these objects >>database associated with each object and relationship er digram is a graphical representation of a database and its tables first u hav to create database needeed for entire system after this identify primarykey/key attribute for each table and establish relationship between objects

What is cardinality in an ER diagram?

An E-R diagram may also indicate the cardinality of a relationship. Cardinality is the number of instances of one entity that can, or must, be associated with each instance of another entity. In general we may speak of one-to-one, one-to-many, or many-to-many relationships. There are several different styles used to draw Entity-Relationship diagrams. The Kendall and Kendall text uses the Crow's Foot notation. Using this notation entities are represented by rectanges and relationships are indicated by lines connecting the rectangles. Cardinality is shown by a series of "tick marks" and "crows feet" superimposed on the relationship lines.

Draw of diagram the communication process?

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Can you draw the diagram in steps?

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How is ER diagram for clinic draw?

An ER diagram looks at the entities in the clinic and how they are related to each other. So to draw an ER diagram for a clinic first you must identify the various entities such as the physicians, nurses, patients, drugs, etc then you will have to establish the relation ships between them. Eg. a physicians examin patients, nurses administer drugs and so on. you will then be required to employ the appropriate entity relation representations of the both the entity and the relation by use of any uml tool e.g. crows foot diagram.

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