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There are no standard scores. Scores differ according to each college and university. You should contact the schools you have an interest in and inquire. In addition, not all schools require the GRE. They may require a different test particular to the major, or may not require a test at all..

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Q: To get an MS what score would I need on the GRE and TOFEL?
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What is the right time to register for your gre tofel exam?

what is the write time to give tofel exams?

What is the gre tofel score required to get admission in govt university in US?

This depends on the university and degree program, each will have it's own score requirements. You should check with your university's Admissions office.

What is GRE tofel how to prepare for it is it compulsory for doing MS in states?


What is a GRE raw score?

A GRE raw Score is the number of questions you answered correctly.

What is the average final score for the gre?

The maximum you can score in GRE is 170. And even if no question is answered correctly the score is 130

What is the average gre score for the University of Georgia?

The average GRE score for students admitted to the University of Georgia is above 300. The average world wide GRE score is 168.7.

How many words do you need to know in order to get a perfect score on the GRE verbal?

the entire dictionary!

Is GRE score so important fro the graduate school in the US?

yes. GRE score is very much essential for schools in US. only based on GRE score the universities will select the candidates. candidates with high GRE score get admission in top level universities. also in US funding is provided based on marks. higher the GRE score more funding will be provided and hence financial burden will decrease.

What is the average GRE score for SUNY Albany?

You need a minimum of 970 but they accept an average of students with a 1080.

What is the average GRE score for PA school?

combined score of 1100

IS gre required to do MS in Australia in top university?

Australian universities do not request GRE scores and most of their admissions staff do not know how to interpret them. But if you have a GRE score that would support your application, there is no reason why you could not send it.

What is the correlation between sat math score and gre quantitative score?

Sat maths is for Undergraduates (BS), Gre Quant for Graduates (MS) Sat Quant is little tougher than GRE Quant