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To get into college do you need AP classes?

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It is entirely possible to get into college without taking AP classes! Not every student is suited for AP-level curriculum in high school, and that is OK! There are many, many students in colleges around the country who did not take any AP classes in high school.

But if you have AP classes in your high school and if you CAN handle the higher-level course, then you should absolutely take AP classes. Why?

1. Nothing will prepare you more for college-level coursework than... taking college-level courses in high school! That will make the transition into college a lot smoother for you, since you'll already have experience with the type of work (and self-study) required to be successful.

2. AP classes are challenging, and having them on your transcript shows the college admissions officers that you can challenge yourself. And they like that! Admissions officers don't want students who simply coasted through high school, always taking the easy way out. They want students who are up to a challenge, who are willing and able to work hard, and who are dedicated to their education. And taking AP classes proves all of those things.

3. If you take the class and do well on the AP exam, you can come to college with credits under your belt. And that means you can place out of classes, and save money on college courses. And those are all good things :)

So while AP classes are not required, they ARE a good idea. But, that being said, they are not for everyone. And as valuable as they can be, if they are too challenging for you (or if keeping up in AP classes comes at the expense of other things... like extracurricular activities or grades in other classes), don't feel pressure to take them. You can still get into college without 'em, and it would be a waste to take them if they negatively impacted other aspects of your overall application profile.

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No, but it is a first year college class. For instance German 5 is an AP class, it's a first year college class. It is good to have, although some colleges don't accept AP classes.

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What is the difference between AP classes and Honors?

AP classes are college-level, and if you get a decent grade on the AP exam in May you could earn college credits. Honors classes are just an advanced version of the College Prep classes. They are not as hard or time-consuming as AP classes, but they still are hard.

Are college prep classes the same as ap classes?


What are ap classes?

AP (Advance Placement) classes are classes that are for a higher level in a way than honors. It is a class that gives you a prep for college courses. If you even pass the AP test you receive college credits.

What is the difference between AP classes and gifted classes?

Gifted classes are for those who either have certain conditions that need to be met or are considered quite smart for their age. AP, or advanced placement, classes are more or less classes preparing you for an advanced level of work. AP Calculus or AP Biology prepare you for college and have the chance to give you credit for the courses, this way you won't have to take them during your enrollment in college.

Is a college prep class harder then an AP class?

Usually, AP classes are advanced classes for students academically advanced already & used to further prepare them for college.

What college classes can you take your senior year in high school to become a vet?

You can take AP Chemistry, AP Biology, AP Physics, AP Calculus or similar courses, but this will only count towards your undergraduate college classes. In the United States, you have to complete at least three years' worth of undergraduate college classes and then take another four years of classes in vet school.

What does 'AP' stand for in AP classes?

AP classes mean Advanced Placement classes, which are more difficult than regular classes, but also count for more. If you take them in high school, you have the option to take the AP test, which, if you do well, will allow you to exempt part of your college course for that subject AP is short for Advanced Placement. After taking an AP class you can take a test that, if you score high enough, can give you college credit.

If you want to be a pediatrician what classes you take in high school?

AP classes to get you into a good college in their pre-med program. You need good grades in challenging classes, sciences are important.

Do you need AP classes to get into a good college?

No, Ap course are a help though. Ap courses are actually college level courses offered in high school. This means that taking Ap will look amazing on your college application and can allow you to "skip" a year in some courses. For example German 5 is a ap course in high school and is offered in first year college.

What is the difference between AP classes and Advanced Classes in high school?

Advanced classes are just for your intellectual kicks (and they look good on college transcripts) AP classes are weighted - that means, you get a B- in an AP class, it actually counts as an A- for your GPA. You may also be able to use your AP credits to bypass college requirements, for the same reason: AP classes are supposed to be college-level classes. (though I don't know anyone at my college who's been able to do that) Ultimately, you should probably just take whatever classes you think you'd enjoy most; something that has potential to challenge you, but you could also realistically do well in ;)

Do honors classes give you credits towards high school?

honors classes give you extra credits and ap classes give you college credit if you pass your ap test.

What are my chances of gettitng into JMU with a 3.7 GPA and no honors or AP classes?

very low...u need ap classes

Do you need to take challenging classes in high school to get into seton hall university?

Relatively challenging, yes. You should be in college prep classes, but if you're not in AP classes, you're still probably okay. If you can do honors and/or AP in your best subjects, that's certainly going to help you.

Is it necessary to take advanced placement classes to get into a good college?

Absolutely not. Students generally take AP classes because the scores can be turned into college credits, but the most elite colleges often do not accept AP credits.

Should I do AP/Honor or IB classes?

AP and Honors classes would be a great idea. Not only do they allow you to have a GPA above 4.0, they also work towards expensive college credit when you decide to go to college.

Can you take community college classes while high school?

yes, i know at my school they are known as AP classes. if you successfully complete them you do not have to take them in college

Is honors classes better than AP classes?

AP classes are the highest

Why would you take ap classes in high school?

To get college credit in high school.

Can you take ap classes in college?

Yes. It changes from AP to Honors in college. But you must be accepted into the Honors Program at the college level first. Ask your adviser, or look into the Honors Program at your school online.

What classes do you need to take in college to become a zoologist?

What classes do you need to take in college to be a zoologist

Does a cardiologist have to take ap classes?

There are no high school requirements for becoming a doctor. But AP classes will improve ones ability to get into a quality school, which in turn improves one's ability to get accepted to medical school. To go into medicine you need 12+ years of college and medical school.

What are the easiest ap classes?

Most people consider AP Psychology, AP Environmental Science, and AP Human Geography to be the easiest of all the AP classes.

What is AP?

AP stands for Advanced Placement, and is a branch of the College Board franchise (same corporation that does SAT, etc.). AP Classes are college level classes that high school students may take, pass an exam for, and receive college credit for. AP exams are scored on a scale of 1-5 (1=Fail, 5=Highly qualified). Most universities accept a 3 or above for credit.

What is a pre AP class?

Advanced Placement, or AP classes are high school classes that can qualify for college credit at most accredited American universities. The credit received depends on the policy of the accepting university, the grade received, and the grade received on a standardized test taken at the completion of the class. Pre-AP classes are advanced cirriculum middle school classes designed to prepare the students for the AP classes in high school.

Are AP classes useful in high school?

Yes! AP classes can be very useful; they can help to prepare you for college levels courses that you will take and also help if you get high enough test scores to be eligible to skip those classes in college. Even if you don't pass the test you are able to get enough backround knowlegde to pass the college class with ease.