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there might also be 1 or 2 around the bottom of the reservoir

AnswerThere were no bolts on the bottom. Once I got the battery tray out (1 bolt on top, 1 bolt under wheel well and two clips) I took the bolt under the battery tray out and the one at the filler opening and then had to wrench it back toward the firewall because there is a bolt in the way. It popped right out. The leak was coming from one of the nipples that holds the grommet in place. I siliconed it and am waiting for the results.

--Bob S.

AnswerBob may not have a 1999 burb, my reservoir is on the opposite side from the battery. The answer to the question is yes, kinda. There are two screws in the front of the reservoir that fit into recesses that are molded into the reservoir. That is why the reservoir seems loose but still will not come out. To access these screws, remove the turn signal\parking light assembly by removing 4 Phillips head screws. Use a light to help you see two 1/2" head bolts recessed in between panels of sheet metal. One is right at the top edge of the opening so you may have to shine your light slightly upwards. Use a socket and short extension to back these screws out. You do not have to remove them, just back them out about 1/2". Your reservoir will now slide out easily.
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