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To know about jobs in mahanand dairy Mumbai?

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My name is Namrata. I have done B.Tech in Dairy Technology and have 9 months experience in Production in Modern Dairy, Karnal, Haryana. I intend to join Mahananda Dairy as I have shifted to Mumbai now. I want to know how does one apply for jobs at Mahananda Dairy. Please answer at Kumari Namrata

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Jobs in Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai and Other Cities-How To Search For Jobs in Different Cities?

Ever thought of finding jobs in Chennai? What about jobs in Mumbai? So what if you live in another city like Delhi, or in a small town? Extending your job search to different cities is a good idea if you really want to land that dream job. There are plenty of jobs in Kolkata, Mumbai and other major cities of India. You can even get jobs in Pune, which is a fast emerging cosmopolitan city. However, the question is, how exactly will you find job opportunities in a different city? Here are a few tips:Create an account in a good job portalYou will need the help of a good online job portal above anything else. Once you register with such a website, all you have to do is type in the name of the city and the kind of jobs you are looking for, in the search boxes given on these websites, like “IT jobs in Mumbai”, or “mass media jobs in Kolkata”, for example. You will get the search results that match your keywords. So if you want sales jobs in Pune, you are unlikely to be directed to engineering jobs in Chennai.Plan your job searchWhile we did say that it is good to search widely, there is no point in searching for jobs in everycity. Instead, choose a few key cities that are known to have good opportunities for the type of jobs you are looking for. For instance, if you are looking for jobs in software, you could look for jobs in Pune, Hyderabad, or Bangalore.On the other hand, if the city is more important, just search for jobs by location, like, say for “jobs in Chennai”, and then by job profile.Professional networkingEven if you are open to relocating, you might not know anyone in the new city. While looking for jobs, sometimes, who you know is as important as what you know. You can turn to your social and professional contacts for a lead. You can also become part of various online professional networks and groups. There’s a good chance that you may meet someone who’s interested in hiring you, through these semi-formal online networks.Update your resumeWhen looking for a job in another city, keeping your resume updated is very important. Try to put in a local address for the city the job you are applying for is located in. This could be the address of a friend or relative. If you do not have any such address you should enter a tentative date for moving to that city so employers will know you are serious.Author:The author is an expert in writing articles about jobs in Mumbai, jobs in Kolkata, jobs in Pune they are focus on doing things right. For more details about jobs in Chennai please log on to[video=]

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