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Ground beef
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Where did the cut of meat Boston butt get its name?

In pre-revolutionary New England and into the Revolutionary War, some pork cuts (not those highly valued, or "high on the hog," like loin and ham) were packed into casks or barrels (also known as "butts") for storage and shipment. The way the hog shoulder was cut in the Boston area became known in ( Full Answer )

What methods was used in cutting meats?

old people use to sharpen the sotne edges and use them for this purpose i.e to cut meats etc . old people use to sharpen the sotne edges and use them for this purpose i.e to cut meats etc . old people use to sharpen the sotne edges and use them for this purpose i.e to cut meats etc

Who cuts meat?

Chefs and diners at the end, but the original person cutting animals into steaks and roasts is called a butcher.

What cut of meat is jerky made from?

Jerky can be made from any type of meat. I've eaten turkey jerky, deer jerky, pork jerky, beef jerky, buffalo jerky and a couple of others. Jerky is basically just dried meat. Many people make their own by laying the strips of meat on a cookie sheet, basting it with teriyaki and drying it at a low t ( Full Answer )

How did racially assigned categories and Apartheid effect the social aspects of an individual's life?

South Africa's black majority had resisted apartheid for many years. They began rioting in 1976, when the South African government tried to force black children in the Soweto township to learn Afrikaans, one of the languages of the white minority. The rioting continued for the next fourteen years un ( Full Answer )

What cut of meat has the lowest fat content?

Quoting from the Mayo Clinic website (which I trust), lowest-fat cuts are: . Eye of round roast or steak . Sirloin tip side steak . Top round roast and steak . Bottom round roast and steak . Top sirloin steak I checked this info against the beef industry's website, and it agrees. --- R ( Full Answer )

What method was used in cutting meats?

The methods used in cutting meats can vary depending on the type ofmeat being cut and the area you are in. Cutting, slicing, anddeboning are methods used.

What method used in cutting meats?

Hides are removed from animals with skinning knives which cut the skins without piercing vital organs, or damaging meats. Large cuts of meats are usually cut down with bandsaws, which cut through bone as well. Smaller bony pieces can be cut with the saw or hacked with a heavy cleaver, depending on t ( Full Answer )

Are beans in the meat category?

What that is so ridiculas beans go in the grains. the answer is 'no', but beans belong to the legume category, and you will find meat and legumes in the protein category of the food pyramid. both beans and meat are protein.

What cold cuts has horse meat combined?

In the US horse meat is not used in commercially available coldcuts. While there may be slaughter plants or individuals who make horsemeat into a variety of products this is little likelihood that anAmerican citizen would ever be accidentally fed horse meat.

To cut meat into thin slices?

Everything I've read says to freeze it for 30-60 minutes. Apparently it will be stiff enough to make the thinnest of slices, but not so hard as to be unmanageable.

What is the best cut of beef for chili meat?

Chuck. Cut into cubes and trimmed of fat. Brisket is also a good choice. Both versions are cooked low and slow. Ground beef is not as traditional.

How do you cut your meat?

In order to cut your wonderful rat meat, you must sharpen your head with a knife. If you cut the rat meat with your head, the rat meat will explode and you will die so don't ever use a knife to cut your rat meat, instead sharpen your head and then easily cut your rat meat. After you do that, you mus ( Full Answer )

How do you assign categories to a page in WordPress?

On the left side of the screen there are multiple options that you can choose from: Site Admin, Posts, Media Links, Etc... If you hover over Posts you will see arrow appear on the right side of this tab. Click arrow and drop down box will appear. (Or just click Posts and it will list all the posts ( Full Answer )

How is halal meat cut?

Actually Halaal is not a type of meat but rather it refers to any type of action or object that can be used according to Islamic law. Halaal means lawful or legal. What you might want to look under is Dhabihah. Dhabihah is the recommended method by Islamic law of slaughtering any kind of animal ( Full Answer )

What is the most tender cut of meat?

Filet Mignon, is the most tender cut of beef. It is the small tip, about 6 inches long, of the tenderloin. Chateau Briand, which is the rest of the tenderloin is the second most tender, followed by sirloin tips.

How do you cook a less tender cut of meat?

tough meat is best braised. You didn't mention the cut of the meat you are using. Goggle the name of the cut of meat with -"best cooking method "a such as: bottom round best cooking method , and see what you turn up. And Or Goggle the link i added.

What cuts of meat do you get from half a cow?

The cuts of meat that a person gets from a half of cow can varydepending on what they want. Many people opt for chuck roasts,short loins (porterhouse, NY strip, filet mignon), sirloin, rump,top round, eye of round, skirt steak, brisket, and flank steak.

What cut of meat is pot roast?

Several different cuts of meat can be used for pot roast, including brisket, arm roast, shoulder and rump roast.

Which are low fat meats?

Chicken, particularly the white breast meat, is often recommended because of its low percentage of fat. Grass-fed beef, bison, and most game meat such as venison is also low in fat.

Is crab meat low fat food?

No crab meat is not low fat food it has oil on it and may contain carbs also depending on where you buy it may contain lots of fat and will make you sick. So be careful on what your buying it may oil in it.

What cut of meat is bacon from?

Bacon can come from any part of the pig. But most of the time its from the back, sides, or belly. Gammon (bacon) is from the hind leg, and hock bacon is from above the hind trotter (foot).

How much meat is low-fat?

According to Marketing Intelligence Service, Ltd. and reported by AMI, "more than 50 percent of the product lines in the lunch meat and hot dog categories contain a reduced fat or nutritional claim

What are the cutting styles of meat?

well, you can always butterfly meat, but cutting it right down the middle on one side. and when you lay it out it was have two flaps, looking like the shape of a butterfly!

What is to old for a cow to be cut for meat?

A cow is never too old to be slaughtered and processed for meat for human consumption. However, the older a cow gets, the tougher the meat becomes and the less desireable it is - most cows over the age of 3 years are slaughtered and then processed into hamburger or processed products.

Is it okay to cut vegetables on the same cutting board right after cutting raw meat?

Well, well... that reminds me of my girlfriend freaking out everytime I cut vegetables I was going to cook right after cutting the chicken. Truth is the cross contamination issue does exist so, if you are going to cut a vegetable after raw meat that you will eat without cooking yes! by all means w ( Full Answer )

What are the two basic category of cutting tool in machine?

The basic categories of cutting tools are linear and rotary machines. Linear cutting tools include tool bits and broaches. Rotary cutting tools include drill bits, countersinks and counterbores, taps and dies, milling cutters, reamers, and cold saw blades.

What are primal cuts of meat?

every commercially slaughtered animal carcass is first separated (broken down) into large sections all of which contain the smaller or sub primal cuts which we general identify with. Chuck, Rib, Loin and Round among others in the beef. Shoulder, hotel rack, loin and leg in the lamb. Shoulder, butt, ( Full Answer )

What are the different types of MEAT cuts?

There are nearly 20 types of steak cuts. Beef can be divided into six different types of main cuts, including round, loin, rib, chuck, flank and brisket. Round cuts are typically from the rear area of the cow and include rump roasts and eye round steaks. Loin cuts come from the cow's middle back are ( Full Answer )

Why cut most of fats from meat?

There is no real reason to do so. Unless you dislike it's taste or you're eating a low fat diet.

What cut of meat is considered to be first choice?

The cut of meat which is considered to be first choice is Prime. It is the first choice because it is the fattiest cut. Round and Loin are the best areas of the cow to look for on a package of meat.

What cut of meat is a porterhouse steak?

A porterhouse steak is basically a oversized T-bone steak. It is a thicker cut of beef. A porterhouse, if cut in half, will make a T-bone and a New York Strip steak.

What are the cuts of meat on a pig?

There are several different cuts of pork. This includes the jowl, loin, ham, shoulder, spare rib, and side. These cuts are all used for different things.

What meats have fat?

All meats will have some fat. How much a specific meat has dependson the animal it came from, and what their diet consists of. Forexample, beef from grazed cattle tends to be leaner than beef fromcattle fed a grain diet.