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A hippie is a young person early before who rejected conventional standards and rules of society

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How does education influence culture and society?

Education is a huge influence in culture and society. Education allows an individual to learn how to interact with the people around them.

How culture influence and changing culture practices impacted Australian society?

1. Chinese people are good cookers. Therefore, the one of the ways that Chinese culture impacted on Australian society is food such as dumpling. There are so many Chinese restaurants in every big cities of Australia. Today, China is the great economic partner of Australia. It has been continuo over decades. China and Australian diplomatic relationship started on 21 December 1972.

What is the different between culture and society?

Culture is 1 peoples from similar background. Society is all.

What is relationship between society and education?

the relationship between society and education is very essential to understand. Both influence one another in various ways; however, most importantly, education helps to transmit culture and develop the society. In the same way, society is what forms the basis of education. Society's culture is what sets the curriculum along with the government's objectives and aims.

How and why did American popular culture influence Australia society?

American popular culture began to influence Australian society with the advent of television in Australia in 1956. For the first time, Australians could actually see how Americans lived, not just read about it. Most of the early shows came from the USA and depicted "typical" American homes, families and lifestyle. Music also became more appealing as it was accompanied by visual images, and Australian teenagers were keen to emulate the Americans.

What are the relationship between culture and society?

Modern society uses it's big penis to destroy the vagina of culture.

How did Hinduism influence Indian society and culture?

Hinduism did not influence Indian society and culture, Hinduism was Indian society and culture. One could more ask how Judaism influenced Israeli society and culture. It is not a system of beliefs superimposed on a way of life but it it a way of life expressing itself as a system of beliefs. Several systems of belief, honestly, all encompassed within what is known to the rest of the world as Hinduism.

How did Tokugawa Shogunate influence Japanese society and culture?

he influenced japanese culture by the following: just do your homework and their won't be a problem

How did Christianity influence a central institution of western civilization?

Christian influence on values, beliefs, and practices in Western culture are abundant and well ingrained into the flourishing society of today. Christian influence on values, beliefs, and practices in Western culture are abundant and well ingrained into the flourishing society of today

What is symbiotic relationship between libraries and education?

What are the symbiotic relationship between the library society and culture society

How has American pop culture influenced Australian society?

Australian telvevision is completley influenced by the American culture. The hit shows are either directly from America or influenced by them to become an Australian version. Examples of this are The Simpsons, Australian Idol wich was adopted from American Idol and Two and a Half men.

Differences between real and ideal culture?

What is the difference between ideal culture and real culture are they virtually the same within the same society?

What is the difference between language and culture?

The difference between language and culture is language is a way to communicate, and culture is the beliefs, customs, and practices of a society.

Explain the influence of westernisation on indian society?

The influence of westernisation on Indian society and culture by 'killing' joint families where families cared for each other unlike now where everyone lives for himself.

How are culture and society interrelated?

Culture influences the people in the society and society follows culture.

What are the major sectors in society that influence science and technology?

government, private sector, general public and culture.

What is identity influence?

Identity influence is defined as the factors that will affect the identity of a person. This may include culture, genes society and so much more.

What is the difference between society and culture?

people living together is society. the culture helps us in maintain traditions and conventions to enhance social relations.

How has the ancient roman society impacted new Zealand today?

The influence that the Romans may have on New Zealand is through the influence they have on western culture. This is an influence from Romancultureand art, rather than Romans society, which disappeared some 1,500 years ago.

How does culture influence on consumer behavior?

Consumer lives under social and cultural limitations. Any behavior against the cultural set up of the society he lives in, is not accepted socially and as such he behaves under the influence of culture

What influence did Nancy wake have on todays society?

Nancy Wake was a famous Australian war hero from World War II. She had an enormous effect on society because of her blindness.

What evidence is there of the influence of the Anzac legend in Australian society today?

If the 1980's can still be considered as "today," I have seen the movies Gallipoli and The Lighthorsemen, and the television production ANZACs: The War Down Under. If the ANZAC legend had no lasting influence on Australian society, why would their stories be told so many years later?

What is the link between culture and agriculture?

Food and the ability to maintain a society.

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