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to any extent

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What is a sentence for unconstitutional?

Unconstitutional means not in accordance with the written laws in the Constitution. A sample sentence is: "The law was repealed because the Supreme Court deemed it unconstitutional".

Can laws be declared unconstitutional?

Yes. As stated in the Constitution, the Supreme Court can reject any law passed by Congress if it is deemed unconstitutional.

When can a federal court strike down on a state or federal law?

When the law is deemed unconstitutional.

What can congress do if the supreme courts declares a law unconstitutional?

Nothing. Once it is deemed unconstitutional it is no longer valid. A new law can be written and go through the process in congress.

Does new york have death penalty?

In 2008 the NY Supreme court deemed capital punishment unconstitutional.

Which best defines the power of federal courts to overrule legislative and executive actions if they are deemed unconstitutional?


What can veto certain law written by congress if they are deemed unsatisfactory?

President or Supreme Court can find it unconstitutional.

What was the name of the doctrine proclaimed in the Virginia and Kentucky resolutions that a state can block a federal law it considers unconstitutional?

Nullification is the doctrine that a state can block a federal law if it is deemed unconstitutional.

When the supreme court declares a law unconstitutional what is that an example of?

the court's power to strike down a law deemed unjust

Is everyone has the right to life part of the us constitution?

No, otherwise the death penalty would have been deemed unconstitutional.

What deemed the Alien and Sedition Acts uncontitutional and supported the idea that state governments could challenge the federal government?

The Alien and Sedition Acts were never deemed to be unconstitutional. Three of the four acts were repealed by the Democratic-Republican Party after Thomas Jefferson became President. The fourth act, the Alien Enemies Act, remains in force today although it was revised and codified in 1918.

What was deemed unconstitutional in the case of Marbury v Madison?

In Marbury v. Madison, 5 US 137 (1803), Chief Justice John Marshall declared Section 13 of the Judiciary Act of 1789 unconstitutional.

Can publicans drink?

Of course, altho if they were to be seen drunk in public, it would be deemed "unconstitutional" and they would most likely be forced to resign.

How did the agricultural adjustment act attempt to solve the farm problem?

It was deemed unconstitutional in 1936, but has continued in various forms until this day.

What was the Impact of the alien and sedition act?

The Alien and Sedition acts were meant to protect the U.S. from traitors but caused outrage because it was deemed unconstitutional.

Article 1 of the constitution directs congress to gerrymander the seats in the house after each census true or false?

false, since gerrymander was deemed unconstitutional.

Who currently has a line-item veto power?

In the United States, currently no one has line-item veto power. It was awarded to the president in 1996, but was later deemed unconstitutional in 1998.

How can a supreme court overturn legislation approved by the congress and the president?

The Supreme Court, which is the head of the Judicial Branch of government is empowered to decide on the constitutionality of laws. When a law is deemed unconstitutional, it is overturned.

Does a state law or federal constitution have higher power?

The Federal level is higher than the State Level. The US Constitution wins over any State law deemed unconstitutional.

Who was the president when the first southern state seceded from the union?

AnswerJames Buchanan was at then end of his presidency when South Carolina originally succeeded from the Union. He deemed it unconstitutional to let them go, but also unconstitutional to fight to keep them. The reason South Carolina succeeded was because Lincoln had won the presidency, but he had not yet been sworn in.

Is it legal to grow pot in Ontario?

No, the law that was overturned as being unconstitutional because it failed to maintain the scheduling of marijuana when marijuana was deemed by the medical community to have medical value, was replaced soon afterwards.

What statement best describes the Supreme Court's power of judicial review?

The supreme court has the power of judicial review. The power of judicial review of the supreme court has the power to overturn legislation when it is deemed unconstitutional.

How will health care reform vote affect health insurance stock prices?

Prices may increase if all people are required to buy insurance, but if this is deemed unconstitutional (likely to be the case), expect prices to fall.

What is the judicial branch of the government responsible for?

The Judicial Branch is strictly responsible for "interpreting the law". What this means is that the Judicial Branch can overturn laws and bills if it is deemed "unconstitutional". (But only if they are part of a case being heard in that court)

Who can veto certain laws written by the congress if they are deemed unsatisfactory?

The president of the US can veto laws he doesn't like, but congress can override him with enough votes. The U.S. Supreme Court can nullify a law by declaring it unconstitutional.