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What are some questions to ask about the Amazon River?

what countries does the amazon river flow through? When did the Amazon river form? Where is the mouth of the river? Where is the amazon river basin located? Where is the Amazon river located? Who was the first person to discover the Amazon river?

Can dolphins live in the Amazon River?

yes, but only the Amazon river dolphin lives in the Amazon river. hense, AMAZON RIVER DOLPHIN.

Is the Amazon river the longest river?

The Amazon River is not the longest river The Nile river is.

Is the Amazon River a young river or an old river?

the amazon river is an old river

What is a famous river in the Amazon?

The Amazon river

What is the river Amazon famous for?

Amazon river is the largest river in the world.

River with the greatest volume of water?

The amazon river. The amazon river.

Is the Amazon river natural?

Yes, the River Amazon is a natural river.

Into which river does the Amazon river flow?

The Amazon river flows into the Amazon estuary, which leads out to the Atlantic Ocean.

Where is Amazon basin?

Amazon basin is belongs to the amazon rain forest. It is in south america.

Where's the Amazon River?

The Amazon River is in Brazil.

Where does the Amazon River dolphin live at?

in the amazon river

Where does the Amazon River drain?

The Amazon River Delta empties into the Amazon Basin

Is the Nile or the Amazon River deeper?

The Nile is longer than the Amazon River, but somehow, the Amazon River is deeper.

Is Amazon River a major river in the us?

no, the amazon river is in south america.

Which river is biggest out of these Amazon River Mississippi river river Danube the Yangtze river the indus river or the Congo river?

the amazon

Is Amazon river a city or country?

The Amazon river is neither. The Amazon River is the world's second largest river, running through the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil And much of Peru.

Is the Amazon River in Australia?

No, the Amazon River is in South America.

On which contienent is the Amazon River?

the amazon river is in South America.

What is the river called that goes through the Amazon?

Amazon River

Dams in the Amazon River?

There are 54 dams on the river Amazon.

What is the continent of the Amazon River?

The Amazon River is in South America.

What is a town beside river Amazon?

a town on the river amazon

What river runs through the Amazon rainforest?

The Amazon River

Where is the Amazon River in Africa?

The Amazon River is in South America