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Christians People of all Christian denominations pray to God the Father. Many will also pray to Jesus or the Holy Spirit, as they believe in the Trinity, i.e., that Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are all God, though distinct in personhood. Some Christians, such as Catholics, Orthodox and Copts (and some Anglicans), will ask the saints for prayers just as they would ask any person of faith for prayer (properly speaking, they do not pray tosaints); this practice of seeking the prayers of saints is rejected by other Christian denominations. Other religionsMuslims pray only to God/Allah. Jews pray only to God/Adonai (Lord). Zoroastrians believe in only one God, called Ahura Mazda (Wise Lord) and all prayer is directed to Him. Sikhs believe in only one God, who is without form or gender; all prayer is to God. Hindus believe in one God (Brahma); the various Hindu gods represent different expressions of Brahma. Praying to one of these gods e.g. Vishnu is simply focussing on a certain characteristic of Brahman The Bahá'íalso pray to one God; the Bahá'í hold that all the different names for God are, in reality, simply expressions of the same one God and Creator of the Universe. Buddhists do not believe in any particular god and so, properly speaking, meditate rather than pray. Jains do not believe in God, or gods, in the way other religions do. However, they believe in perfect beings who are worthy of devotion. Jain prayers are along the lines of remembering the qualities of these perfect beings. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jehovah's Witnesses pray to the Father, named in The Bible, Jehovah. They pray through his son, Jesus Christ, who the Bible calls the mediator between God and man.

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Q: To whom do different religious denominations pray?
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cheryl cole!

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