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his dead son

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Q: To whom does Jonson speak in On your First Son?
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According to Jonson's On My First Son how old was Jonson's son when he died?

7 years old

What is the theme of Jonson's On my first son?

The main idea is the death of Johnsons first son. Jonson is writing his feelings on what he should feel about his sons death. Jonson writes to his son as if his son could hear or read his words. Jonson speaks of his son saying his son is "child of my right hand" , assuming that he would be the next up for the thrown. Jonson also talks about his own sin, was loving him to much as if it were the cause of his sons death. Towards the end of the poem he speaks of his sons death as a loan or a sacrifice of some sort. As if his son was put down here for a certain amount of time and now he has to return/repay the favor to god and give him back. And in a way he is glad that his son is in a better place.

What metophor does Ben Jonson use for his son?

nose bleed

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What are the names of Ben Jonson's children?

From what I've read he had three children. His first born was a girl named Mary. She died at only six months old. Jonson's eldest son, Benjamin, died of the plague ten years later. He had a second son also named Benjamin who died in 1635. He wrote a poem or two in memory to his sons.

What is epitaphs can be considered epigrammatic?

One epitaph in "On My First Son" that can be considered epigrammatic is a quote the speaker uses to tell his son to go ahead and rest. This epitaph is, "Here doth lie Ben Jonson, his best piece of poetry," where he speaks as though his son is an objet d'art.

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