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Q: To whom should locked lost damaged andor stolen tokens be reported?
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Your cell phone is stolen. Metro PCS is the carrier. Should the phone be reported as stolen to the police?


What happens if your car is stolen?

If your car is stolen you should automatically have reported and what time it had gone missing.

How to check if gun serial number is stolen?

Contact your local police. If it was reported stolen, it should be in the system.

Is a stolen gun a civil matter?

No. It is a criminal matter and should be reported to the police.

Is it important to pay insurance on a car that you own?

It is, you should cover any assets that you own in case they are damaged or stolen.

If a person is 4 months late on a car payment can it be reported stolen?

NOT unless it was stolen. Stolen cars are reported stolen. Cars securing a loan in DEFAULT are reported as DELINQUENT to the credit bureau. If you choose to report the car stolen, go ahead. I would not reccommend it though. Filing a false police report is illegal in most jurisdictions.

Can you activate a metro phone if it was reported stolen?

No it can not

Can a car be reported as stolen if the payment is not made?


Should any student use laptops in school?

No because the laptops can get damaged, stolen, and student would be on unapproved websites.

My galaxy s4 got stolen but i had a lock on it can the thieves do anything with it?

If a Galaxy S4 is stolen but is locked with a passcode, it is unlikely that the thief or thieves will be able to unlock the device without bringing it to a service carrier. Once a cellular device is reported stolen, it would not serve the thief well to bring it to a service carriers store, as the authorities would be alerted.

How do you make a phone that's reported stolen not be on the lost or stolen list?

All your have to do is take out the simms card and memory card and get new ones I had to do that because i thought it had gotten stolen so i reported it and then i found it and thats what i did

What happens if you hide your car from repo?

It will be reported stolen.