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Toro lawn mower wont idle?


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2009-06-17 11:36:35
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Probably a clogged jet in the carburetor. Could be the fuel filter. Check the vent hole on top of the gas cap. Some gas caps have a small hole in the center that gets clogged. I'd bet it's the carburetor.


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PTO for blade wont engage on riding lawn mower Fuse blown. Belt broke or fell off. Wiring damaged or disconnected. Safety switch(es) not set.

There could be many reasons why your Sears riding lawn mower won' shut off. The key could be jammed for example.

because it needs a 1600 vee dub engine in it to make it go faster to have lawn mower races

Try pulling out the spark plug and clearing the cylinder

your electric motor(I assume) probably wont have enough torque, That is on a Riding type mower, not a push mower, it might work on a push mower as long as its not self prepelled, because your motor probably still wont have enough torque!

not getting gas. clean\carb rebulid needed

Perhaps it is the starter drive. That happened to my riding mower. Got the drive replaced, works fine.

There are way too many reasons for a mower not to run. Without more information it is impossible to diagnose the problem. If you still want help try asking again with the make of mower, the engine, details of what you have done and what the symptoms are.

The fuel filter is clogged or the carburetor needs to be cleaned and/or adjusted.

make sure the gas valve is turned on and you put the air filter in right

did you check and make sure you have plenty of oil. or maybe your lawn mower just needs a break.

Pins on the brake disk on transaxle are rusty and stuck.

there is what they call a key that locks the wheel and axle together must had stuck on the old wheel

Flywheel key (or shear pin) can shear off which will put the motor out of time and wont start . It could do damage to some other parts but that is the most common.

Got a toro 521 wont blow snow after 2 feet whats up

no spark, no gas getting to cylinder, dirty carb, dirty fuel filter, wrong fuel/air mix on carb to name a few, dirty air filter....

Being as most lawn mowers are made of some kind of metal, they should be taken to a local recycling center. Thus proving raw material fur future use. If the mower is still in working condition for the most part many small engine shops still take trade ins on new equipment, probably wont get any cash but will get a brake on that new one you've been looking for.

There is normally a second starter-position solenoid under the clutch pedal. It probably is not getting contacted when you step on the pedal.

try adjusting the idling level

1990 gmc p/u 5.7 wont idle showing code 12

Hey there, Go a victa mower mate! They are tried and tested and have been rounf thru many hard years. My dad had one which copped a fair beating out on the farm and he had it for about 17 years. I dont know if u can get them in the US (if ur from the us) but if u can get a hold of one u wont be dissapointed. hope that helps. catch!

There should be a drive belt from the engine to the transmission. Make sure that it is still there and turning. If it is not, something is wrong with the transmission. Also, you may need to hold onto the bar under the handle or make a switch so that the mower will move forward.

If you do not run it with the gas in the oil it wont hurt anything. Just drain the oil and put new oil in should run it for a little then change the oil again.

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