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Torque specs intake manifold olds 1986 cutlass 307?


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Cast iron intake is 30 lb/ft

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the torque specs for the intake manifold are 115 inch pounds inch pounds to newton meter = mutiply .113 by the number of inch pounds aprox. 9.5 foot pounds

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Intake manifold torque specifications for the Olds 403 is listed as 30 ft-lbs.

torque specs. on chevy sub for a 5.3L intake manifold and tighten sequence NEW ANSWER; step 1 is 44in-Lbs. then step 2 is 89in-lbs. That's it.

There is no torque spec for the air filter --it sits in its housing which snaps open and closed.The intake manifold torque specs are 89 inch pounds (7.5 ft.lbs.), that is for both the upper and lower intake.

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Intake Manifold (Cast Iron Heads) Non- Hardening Sealer 30 ft-lbs.

The torque specifications, for a 4.3 liter engine manifold, is 45 pounds per square inch. Torque the manifold bolts in 15 pound intervals.

The 1999 Pontiac cylinder head gasket bolt torque specification is 160 pounds. The intake manifold bolt torque specification is 90 pounds.

Lower intake manifold bolt 115 in/lb. Upper intake manifold bolt 18 ft/.

depends on the engine that the truck has in it. check on

The intake manifold torque specs for the 3.1 L on a 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix is 195 ft lb. and 264 Nm at 4,000 rpm. It also has 175 hp at 5,200 rpm.

Click this link or paste it into your browser. The answer is here.

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on 3.1 v6,it is---intake 10 ft lbs-----upper intake-18 ft lbs,

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