Tranquil into a noun

Updated: 9/26/2023
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Q: Tranquil into a noun
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What is the noun for the adjective tranquil?

The noun forms for tranquil are tranquilness and tranquility.

What is tranquil as a noun?

The word tranquil is an adjective. The noun form is tranquility.

What is the noun form of tranquil?

The noun forms of the adjective 'tranquil' are tranquilness and tranquility.

What is the word tranquil as an noun?

The noun forms of the adjective 'tranquil' are tranquilness and tranquility.

Is tranquil an adjective?

Yes it is. Tranquil is a word used to describe the aura of a place. For example, "This rainforest is very tranquil." In this sentence adjective, tranquil, is describing the noun, rainforest.

How would you change tranquil into a noun?

With the addition of -ness, the adjective tranquil becomes the noun tranquilness. Other noun forms are tranquility and tranquilizer.

What is the adjective of this word comfort move attract tranquil?

The word 'tranquil' is an adjective. It describes a state of calmness, of freedom from agitation, disturbance, or stress: 'The beach was tranquil, with its calm sea and slight breeze.' 'The person was very upset, but became more tranquil after speaking with a counsellor.' The word 'comfort' can be a noun or a verb; 'attract' is a verb; 'move' can be a verb or a noun.

What part of speech is the word tranquil?

Tranquil is an adjective.

What does serenely mean?

It is a noun meaning a calm and peaceful state of mind.

What is a good sentence in using the word 'tranquil'?

I just need a tranquil moment to marshall my reserves. The oasis seemed tranquil enough. The glen was a very tranquil spot for our picnic.

Example of tranquil?

The glen was so tranquil that I actually heard the spider's footfalls as it approached. Now that the kids have gone to bed, it will be tranquil again in the house. The church was so tranquil.

When was A Tranquil Star created?

A Tranquil Star was created in 2007.