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Q: Translate Have a good day always and in all ways from English to Irish Gaelic?
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Download a translator with Irish Gaelic into English?

There are no automatic translators that can accurately translate from English to Irish or Irish to English.

What does is mean in Irish-Gaelic?

what do you mean ? What does "is" mean ? Correction made by: SL56AJH If you mean what does "is" translate to from Irish-gaelic to English then it is: and. If you want to know how to translate "is" from English to Irish-gaelic then the word is: ea.

How do you translate France from English to Irish Gaelic?

In Scottish Gaelic Frangag is the equivalent of Frances.In Irish it would be Proinséas.

How do you translate Irish by the grace of God from English to Gaelic?

Is Éireannach mé trí dheonú Dé. (in Irish)

How do you translate white haired one from English to Gaelic?

"Gaelic" can mean "Irish Gaelic' or "Scottish Gaelic". They are classified as two distinct languages.

How does Madre translate form Irish Gaelic to English?

"Madre" isn't an Irish word; 'madra' is, it means 'dog'.

What does loachmar translate from Gaelic to English?

Must be misspelled; neither Irish or Scottish Gaelic would use "oa" in a word.

How do you translate English word criminal to Gaelic?

In Irish it's: coirpeach (noun) / coiriúil (adj)

How does the English phrase death is inevitable translate into Irish Gaelic?

Ní féidir an bás a sheachaint

What is the name Martin in Gaelic?

The name Martin can be translated as Máirtín or Mártan in Irish; the Scottish Gaelic is Màrtainn.There are not many names that translate perfectly into Irish unless they are biblical like Diego in English is James. We can translate that as it is biblical.Séamus.

What is the English translation for 'Is Breá liom tú'?

What you are trying to say isTá grá agam duit, a Amber. (Irish Gaelic)(Google Translator does not translate Irish well.)

How do you say erica in Irish Gaelic?

Erica doesn't translate into Irish