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Q: Translate from Gaelic to English am bratach?
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How do you translate Lauren from English to Gaelic?

No Gaelic equivalent. "Is mise Lauren." (I am Lauren.)

What is your private diary translate from English to Gaelic?

dialann phríobhaideach

How do you translate coit from Gaelic to English?

coit means "skiff"

What does is mean in Irish-Gaelic?

what do you mean ? What does "is" mean ? Correction made by: SL56AJH If you mean what does "is" translate to from Irish-gaelic to English then it is: and. If you want to know how to translate "is" from English to Irish-gaelic then the word is: ea.

How do you translate white haired one from English to Gaelic?

"Gaelic" can mean "Irish Gaelic' or "Scottish Gaelic". They are classified as two distinct languages.

How do you translate Galtach from Scots Gaelic into English?

If you mean Gaidhealtachd it means the Gaelic speaking area of Scotland.

Can you translate Càirdeas Leann is ball -coise from Gaelic to English please?


How do you translate 'If I should fall behind wait for me' to Scottish Gaelic?

Go to and use english/gaelic translation

Download a translator with Irish Gaelic into English?

There are no automatic translators that can accurately translate from English to Irish or Irish to English.

What does loachmar translate from Gaelic to English?

Must be misspelled; neither Irish or Scottish Gaelic would use "oa" in a word.

What does Edwin translate to in Gaelic?

Edwin probably has no "translation" as it comes from Old English Éadwine.

How do you translate English word criminal to Gaelic?

In Irish it's: coirpeach (noun) / coiriúil (adj)