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CALL YOUR CONNECTION SERVICEi got it, but now im back online!!!!!after it severde my connection to the internet, i looked at my connection status and ask it to repair its self(im using a windos xp)then it was written that i needed a new ip address.It made me mad because my internet access was partial or non existent,so i called my connection service.ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS TELL THEM YOU NEED AN NEW TCP/IP ADRESS BECAUSE YOURS AS CHANGED SOMEHOW.But you know that the Trojan as done something to it.your service provider should be abell to reset or change your VMD or something and youll be back online

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There are ways of getting music onto a computer without downloading from the internet. You could record music direct onto your computer. You could copy it from a CD to your computer.

Is there a way to receive internet radio stations without a computer or being on line. Is there a free standing radio that will receive internet streaming stations?

No. Downloading is when you receive data from the internet. If you have downloaded a song you can transfer it between any device you have without worrying about downloading over and over . To be clear you only download when receiving data through the internet. Taking a CD and transferring it to your computer then your I Phone is also not downloading.

That's simply not possible. The ability to do anything online requires downloading information. Every website you view to do anything is downloading the information you are seeing before displaying it. In the case of watching a video you will always be required to download it. Streaming is simply a variation of downloading where you watch the information while it is downloading and than the temporary files you were viewing are removed from your computer when you are done. If you are not streaming or downloading, you do not have an internet connection and can not do anything online.

You cant do see or hear anything on the internet without downloading. Everything on the internet is data that must be downloaded.

Very simple, through a process known as disc-to-disc ripping.

The only way i can think of doing that is downloading the video with Realplayer and moving the video file onto a usb flash drive or CD. You can download RealPlayer from it's website

No. There are no websites that you can use for stop motion editing without downloading anything.

Your can't, you need to download something like XAMPP to run the PHP scripts on your computer.

You can only install items without the internet, but downloading items and updates needs the internet as well.

Yes, you can play games and watch movies on your PS3 it without downloading anything. However without being connected to the internet or downloading anything you will not b able to take advantage of everything the PS3 has to offer. For example, you cannot play online, download games, or use Netflix.

Some instant messenger services have a web client that you can use to chat with. Google Talk and AIM are two examples.

You can get tax software for free without downloading anything from taxact. They connect you to a secure server and you do not download anything on your personal computer.

By sending only the link from the source , but not downloading whole of the file.

As far as I know .... There is no possible way play Second Life without downloading a viewer

Yes you can... you can run DVD's, Games, CD's on a computer without internet.

You have things like that on your computer like picture viewer. & paint

Downloading any game over the Internet requires purchasing the game from a retailer such as EA and downloading it from them. Once you have the file, you install from setup.exe and install the game. There is no legal way of downloading games for free over the Internet. Typically, any version of the Sims 2 that is being offered for free over the Internet has a virus.

no you can't play bus driver without downloading it or buy the the full version

I'm no Security engineer, but I do know a bit about computer security. If there is no internet connection, the only way for your computer to be attacked is through pre-installed/downloaded software or code or by someone physically downloading something after the internet is disconnected.

No you can't play Combat Arms without downloading it but if you download the file then go to the sign in then you can play from your internet brouser.

A laptop IS a computer. They can certainly be used for most applications without being connected to anything. Many have wireless capability and can connect to the internet without being directly connected to anything else, but they are connected, it's just wireless.

You can't get books for free without downloading. if you want for free than you have to download and if you don't want to download you have to pay.

just search movie 2k ( great place to find movies without downloading)

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