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in the back of your glove box that you can drop down is a cylinder with a pull on the top that is what makes the hot to cold cold to hot. that might be bad in the back of your glove box that you can drop down is a cylinder with a pull on the top that is what makes the hot to cold cold to hot. that might be bad

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Q: Trouble with 2000 ford explorer AC - only blows warm air - bought refrigerant - gauge said it was low - filled as per instructions still blowing warm - where do you go from here Thanks?
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2004 explorer rear heat not blowing?

heat and a/c barley blowing in back?

Why is Central AC unit freezing with visible ice and not blowing?

Refrigerant is low

On GM truck air conditioning compressor what is the cap looks like a freeze plug on top of the compressor mine is blowing the refrigerant out?

That refrigerant oil

Air conditioner is only blowing cool air but refrigerant is full of freon. Heater not blowing hot air either?

Check the temperature control cable

Central air conditioner is only blowing warm air?

low on refrigerant or the compressor isn't running..

Why is your 1995 Pontiac Bonneville blowing hot air with AC on and ext temp is blinking?

low refrigerant charge?

Ac blowing hot air only?

Low refrigerant charge? Temperature contro set to HOT position?

Who has experienced airconditioning in a ford escort blowing ice cold and then blowing humid air and then back and forth day in and day out working fine and aggravating me?

That typically means that the refrigerant level is low.

Blowing hot air out of the air conditioner of a 1994 Chevy s10?

AC System probably needs refrigerant added.

1993 Toyota Corolla is blowing hot air?

If your 1993 Toyota Corolla is blowing hot air, it might have a refrigerant leak in the cooling system. You can try replacing the refrigerant with a kit found at most auto parts stores, but if the leak is large, this fix will not last long. You might also have a compressor failure.

Why is your car ac blowing hot air?

There are three main possible causes to explain why a car air conditioner is blowing hot air. These causes are a worn out compressor, refrigerant leak, and an electrical problem.

What are the causes of 2004 Honda civic ac stop blowing cold air?

Refrigerant leak? Blown fuse? Compressor not starting

Why is your air conditioner blowing cool air and not cold air?

Low refrigerant charge? Temperature control cable not adjusted properly?

How and where do you refill the refrigerant on a 22L 97 Pontiac Sunfire and could this be the problem if the AC is blowing hot air?

Most Sunfires have a 'valve' on the A/C unit that you use to fill the unit with refrigerant. I say valve because it looks like a valve, but really its more of a nozzle. All vehicles from the mid to late 90's and on are forced by law to use only R-134a refrigerant. How much refrigerant your cars unit holds can be determined by finding the refrigerant charge label under your hood. It should be located near or above your A/C unit. The easiest way to ensure no mistakes or damages to your unit is to get a professional A/C fill. But the cheapest way is to buy a can of refrigerant (you can find these at most auto stores and even Wal-Mart) and follow the instructions given in the box. It will show you step by step how to add the refrigerant to your unit.

Why would the AirCond suddenly stop blowing cold air on 97 Ford Taurus?

Blown fuse (compressor clutch) refrigerant leak

Why is outside compressor blowing cool air isn't it supposed to be warm?

Usually compressor not running or low on refrigerant. And yes it is supposed to be warm

Why is Air conditioner not blowing cold?

I have the same problem. Refrigerant is low due to a small leak in the system. They came out and added refrigerant to my system and it worked fine. Now after a long power outage (hurricane IKE) I am having the same problem. It appears I have a small leak in my system and need more refrigerant installed!

Why the air conditioners throw cool air?

Well, the air conditioning system draws the heat out of the passenger cabin, transfers the heat to the refrigerant, superheats the refrigerant, then rapidly transfers the heat from the superheated refrigerant to the ambient air which flows through the condenser fins. This removes heat from the refrigerant, causing it to cool rapidly and drastically, and that cool refrigerant returns to the evaporator, where the blower fan blows over the evaporator, blowing the cooled air into the passenger compartment.

Why is your central air condition blowing warm air?

there are 3 main reasons that your a/c is blowing warm during a call for cooling they are 1.the electric resistance heater is on 2. the reversing valve is energized in a Heat Pump, or you are low on refrigerant

How come ford heat and ac changes from blowing through the panel to blowing through the defrost how do i trouble the vac system?

you have a vac. leake or the oneway check valve is not working.....

Why does air in 1998 explorer stop blowing cold when you press gas?

sounds like your freon may be low

What would cause the fuse for the tail lights and dash to keep blowing in a 1994 Ford Explorer?

A short in the wiring.

Why how can you get your Nintendo DS to read your games when you are having trouble getting it to read them?

try blowing inside the cartridge

If your 1999 Ford Ranger Splash AC is blowing but not blowing cold air do you have to take it to a service station for freon or can you buy it and do yourself?

you can go to the store and do it your self I disagree. You have neither the knowledge not the proper tools to charge an auto A/C system. Charge it too much and you may damage the compressor. It does not have freon, but had R-134. Take it to a pro. If you have never done it yourself, I recommend taking it to a shop. However, if you are good at reading and following instructions, you can buy a recharge kit that comes complete with R-134A refrigerant, hose(s), gauge and detailed instructions and do it yourself.

Air conditioning blowing warm air?

Your refrigerant could be low, but that fix all statement may not be it. You may also have some of the parts freezing up, a weak compressor, a thermostat that is stuck on heating mode. Many many things lead to this problem. Best go with a reputable A/C company to do some trouble shooting.