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Try the Haynes Repair Manual for Toyota Pickups and 4Runner '79 thru '95. This is available at most auto parts stores such as Autozone or O'Rielly's.

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Q: Trying to find a Diagram for the instrument gauges cluster for an 1982 Toyota pickup?
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The black plastic bezel snaps off around the instrument cluster if you use a flat plastic lever. Harbor Freight sells a set of plastic levers for cheap that do the job well. Down under the steering wheel there are some plastic panels that will need to be removed that hide some screws that allow you to remove the gauge cluster. I would recommend swapping the whole cluster with another from a junk yard, rather than trying to disassemble the cluster. Be careful disconnecting the speedometer cable. You have to slide your hand behind the cluster and pinch the end of the cable close to the back of the cluster and pull it off. The rest of the connectors simply pull off when you pinch them. The typical problem with a bad gauge is a bad voltage regulator on the cluster, which is one of the reason I suggest just using a junk part. It could also be a bad sender in the tank, as well.

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