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Two reasons why God created humanity?


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Why do humans respond emotionally to beautiful sights? And why are painters, sculptors, or musicians motivated emotionally (even beyond monetary need) - to create works of beauty? We are created in the image of God (Genesis ch.5), and God himself is a master artist, who (we intuit) enjoys beauty and has made this beautiful world (see Genesis 1:31). The best human efforts to create beauty are a pale reflection of God's own designs. We respond to them because we are made in the Creator's image.
God made the Earth for people: "He did not create [the earth] simply for nothing," but "formed it to be inhabited" (Isaiah 45:18). He wanted people to exist in order to have someone to love, and to give us an opportunity to achieve godliness. All people are tested concerning their use of free-will. We possess a soul which lives on after the body dies and is held responsible for the person's actions. Anyone who is worthy can merit reward in the afterlife. When the righteous use their free-will to obey God despite His being hidden, they have shown that they deserve His love. Their reward will never cease. But even the undeserving are given the kindness of life in this world, and the lifelong ability to draw near to Him.See also:

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If you are atheist then ,i don't have to answer you since you don't believe in god in the first place

if you believe in god then i don't have to answer you to. since , because must know the answer